Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Husband Has Lost His Marbles.

If all goes well with the house, we are set to close on Nov. 17th. Depending on when the appraisal happens, it could actually be sooner, but the official date is Nov. 17th. That's not counting on new carpets or anything else that might take god-knows-how-long.

My darling husband has been telling our family that if we close on Nov. 17th, we'll have Thanksgiving at our house this year. We'd do a turkey (have I mentioned I've never cooked a turkey?), and everyone else will bring sides.

Have I mentioned the house needs a MAJOR cleaning to get rid of all the mouse droppings and leftover dog hair? Have I mentioned the whole reason for giving our notice at the END of this month was so that we'd have a couple of weeks to paint and slowly move in? Have I mentioned that our dining room table only seats 6 and there would be like 14?

Seriously, I think he may have lost every ounce of marbles that were once in his head. I keep telling myself that I can relax once we get moved in...but now it sounds like I won't be relaxing until AFTER Thanksgiving...at the earliest.


  1. Yeah maybe his suggestion was a little tad bit over zealous. But at least he is zealous?? It is pretty cute that he is so excited to be a home owner, have his family over, be a host etc. Not to mention a HUGE pain in the ass for the two of you...but still, cute.

  2. LOL - Sounds like something Mr. B would do, too. You can always claim that the house is hazardous to your guests health without fresh paint and make a promise for next year's Thanksgiving - or Easter if that's a holiday you celebrate. Good luck!!!

  3. Yeah he has lost his marbles! :) But thats why everyone loves him right? If you want help let me know! I am up for a paint party or some crazy cleaning and decorating!


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