Monday, March 30, 2009

March Photo Shoot

So, in college I was a Soc Major and a Crim Minor. I had most of my Soc classes with a girl named Anne Marie, who was a Crim Major and Soc Minor. She was a single momma of two girls, and had been going to college when she could for the past ten years. Fast Forward to the end of last summer, when she walked into my office at work as the new intern. It was great to have her around and see her again. And she just completed her degree last week! She asked if I'd take a couple pictures of her so she could have a few to choose from for her grad announcements.

We had a hard time coming up with a location to shoot because it isn't QUITE spring yet, and so almost everything looks pretty blah. We were also pretty pressed for time, so I didn't feel quite as confident with the shoot as I have felt with some others. Still, I think I probably got at least one that she could use for her grad announcements...I hope! And go me, for waiting until the last minute to check one of my March Goals off the list. Anyway, here's Anne Marie:


  1. She has had two kids? She looks amazing. I like the one with her laughing up towards the sky, with the hand on her hip. Triumphant---great for a grad pic! ;)

    Also, want to tell you that when I saw the title of your post I was seriously so excited to see what you had waiting for me to check out on your blog!

  2. It is not the photography that is lacking here! The pictures are well composed and interesting...not overexposed, and overall lookin' good. Some people just don't like the way they look in pictures you know! And some people aren't all that photogenic either! Don't be self-conscious. I think you are very talented, and I am a photography SNOB. :)


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