Wednesday, September 22, 2010

5 Things You May or May Not Know (About Me)

1. For my daily vitamin, I take two Flinstones Gummies.
2. I *HATE* drinking out of glass glasses. I much prefer plastic.
3. The town that I grew up in has been listed as one of the top 10 best places for hippies to live.
4. I played competitive basketball from 3rd grade up to my junior year in high school.
5. I graduated Summa Cum Laude from college. I'm a total nerd at heart.

Now tell me five things about YOU that I might not know!


  1. Let's see...
    1. I was born and raised in NE, moving to IL when I was 13.
    2. My dad is a pilot.
    3. My sister and I used to get mistaken a LOT for twins.
    4. I could live off of Hawaiian pizza.
    5. I cheered all 4 years of high school and loved it!

  2. Love this!!!

    1) I desperately wanted braces as a kid, never had them.
    2) (playing off yours) I took Flintstone's vitamins until I got pregnant, now I'm still on prenatals.
    3) I have short short short toes. Like, pretty sure they don't have all the joints they need short.
    4) I hate to work out, I just do it so that I can tell myself and others I work out.
    5) I feel a little guilty about not hating being back at work.

  3. Ha! Fun!

    1. I too hate drinking out of glass glasses :)
    2. I have webbed toes on both feet.
    3. I cuss like a sailor when I'm with my sorority sisters
    4. I sometimes eat dessert for dinner and don't tell my husband
    5. I wish I could be a soap opera star

  4. Aww! Fun! And I love that you take Flintstones!

  5. 1. I HATE peas. Yuck!
    2. We are really going to do this cloth diaper thing! (YAY!)
    3. My lucky number is 2.
    4. My favorite book is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
    5. I am the messiest cook/baker! :)

  6. 1. I too hated glass glass drinking in my youth, but I have since reconciled myself to drinking from non-plastic containers. (Why did we all hate this?)
    2. I've never broken a bone, and always secretly been a little bummed out by this, because it seems like everyone else I know has.
    3. My hometown is, according to Wikipedia, "one of the few cities in the world whose main entrance is in between two cemeteries." Technically, it's two halves of the same cemetery. I never thought anything of it till friends from out of town pointed out how damned weird it is.
    4. I hate airplanes. I would much rather teleport.
    5. I'm officially a German history kid, but I've always had a hankering to study South Africa. Conceptually, I suppose apartheid is not a huge thematic leap from Nazi Germany, but whatever.

  7. I don't think I knew the first two...


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