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Monday, November 7, 2011

BQOTD- Family Time

Our co-ed softball season is over now (we finished 4th this year in B minor league, which is much better than we did last year, or even Spring season in C league!). I'm a little bit sad, but also a little bit relieved--we've basically had a game every Sunday night since May. It will be nice to actually have those nights at home for awhile...because we're way too busy during the week. As it is, we usually only average one night at home during the week. The rest of the week, we're running all over the place to Bible Study, band practice, building the recording studio, photo shoots, J's men's softball league, and all kinds of other things that we find ourselves committed to. And weekends? Weekends are just busy, always, no matter what. This past Saturday was the first time we spent more than half the day at home in I-don't-know-how-long. And it was glorious.

Sometimes, I crave a slower pace. Less running. But, it's hard, because we truly feel passionate about all the activities we're involved in, and I'm not sure what could possibly be cut out. We've been talking about scheduling a designated "family night" where for the most part, we just don't do anything other than spend some time at home together. I hope we do follow through and do that--I think we all need it!

Today's BQOTD- How many nights per week, on average, do you spend at home with your family? Do you have a designated "family night" or anything like that?

Thursday, November 3, 2011


-I couldn't get Lizzy down for a nap until almost 4pm today. It was a battle royale, but I won. And because she went down for such a late nap, I'm seriously thinking about taking her to Justin's softball game tonight, which doesn't start until 8:30pm. I feel like it's going to be another battle royale to get her to bed tonight, and I just don't want to do it alone. On the other hand, I just feel badly keeping her out that late.

-Once J's game is done, we are staying up to watch the season premiere of Bones. I don't care if we have to stay up until MIDNIGHT to do so.

-I took this recipe to Mom's Group today, and it was glorious. And so easy.

And the perfect comfort food for a Mom's Group that I cried all the way through--we had an amazing woman named JoLayne come and talk about her faith. And, about her daughter Faith who died in September from cancer. JoLayne is now trying to raise awareness about childhood cancer as well as funds for research. I told JoLayne that while this is a small thing, if she ever wanted to write about what she's doing here on the blog, she's always welcome. And I hope she does--there were so many things I didn't know, and I'm sure most people don't.

-I've got two prayer requests for you guys. First, my-brother-in-law Justin's grandpa died today. I know his whole family would appreciate your prayers for comfort. Second, one of my best friends Kaitlin just recently found out that her husband Jesse is deploying for the third time. Very soon. I think they could use prayers all the way around too.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Snippets and More Cabinet Photos

-While I was getting a haircut on Friday, Justin re-hung our cabinet doors for me! Of course, I realized that I forgot to paint the two little doors above the stove...but I am loving how it looks so far. Right before we went to bed the other night, Justin said, "Meredith! Come here! Now I can see in the kitchen even when its dark!" He's right--it really has lightened up the space a ton. Now just to knock out those bottoms, eventually! I'm torn between doing it in little segments (which would mean living with less chaos, but for a longer time period), or trying to knock it out all at once (which would mean chaos out the wazoo, but for a shorter overall time period). Anyway, once the cabinet doors were up, I deep cleaned the was MUCH needed.



-Speaking of above the microwave, remember how at the end of May, I posted about there being a bird in our wall? We figured that the bird must have found his way out of the wall because the squawking stopped, and Justin opened up the space above the stove and didn't see a bird anywhere. Well, two weeks or so ago, the fan above the oven stopped working. While Justin was hanging the doors, I asked him if he could take a look to see what the problem was. Yeah, he found a dead bird in the fan. *Barf*. We had no idea because there (luckily) hadn't been any unusual smell, but YUCK.

-Justin got up to do Insanity with me this morning before he left for work. I was all excited because that meant I'd have an hour to myself after we finished and before Lizzy woke up...which of course meant that she woke up an hour early. I usually let her stay in her crib until about 7am even if she wakes up, but she's starting to get fussy, so I'm not sure we'll make it that long this morning.

-I picked a bowl of strawberries from our garden this morning. LOVE.

-Our softball team might actually make the playoffs this year! Not too shabby when you consider that we only won one game last year.

-Yesterday's Bible study (we're still doing Esther by Beth Moore) talked about fear, and how we have to retrain our thinking about our worst case scenario fears--she talked about how everybody has some sort of fear where they think, 'If X happens, I just won't be able to keep going'--and that those fears can be exploited over and over again to shake us to our core. Not to mention the fact that it's kind of telling God that we trust him not to make these bad things happen in our lives, which is not one of the promises that God has made to us. It's a conditional faith, no?

Instead, we have to retrain ourselves to think, 'If X happens, then I'll be devastated for a couple of months or years. I'll be depressed. I'll have a hard time trusting God. I'll be angry. But God will be with me, and I will get through it, eventually.' Um, yeah. That hit home for me.

Monday, June 6, 2011


-On Friday, my baby brother graduated from high school.




-On Saturday, my mom offered to babysit while we went to see a movie. It's been a long time since we've seen a movie in the theaters! We went to see X-men, which I actually liked!

-On Sunday, we had our softball game. There had been a three-way tie for first, with two of the teams were ranked 5-0 from byes. We were 4-1 going into last night's game, and beat one of the 5-0 bye teams...which is always pretty exciting. They were NOT happy at all. But I was pleased as punch, because several of the players on the team were cheating, and I HATE it when cheaters win. I was playing first base and called their base coach out on telling the players to run when the pitcher hit the ball--in this league, you have to wait for the crack of the bat to run. The poor girl who was running the bases looked absolutely horrified when she realized that this jerk was teaching her to cheat, not to play the game.

-This week is going to be insanely busy. Over the weekend, the band is going down to play and compete at a three day music festival in California. It's a situation where if they like you on Friday, you play on Saturday. If they like you on Saturday, you play on Sunday. I think if you win the whole competition, you then play on the main stage the following year. So, it's a pretty cool opportunity for the band.

The whole thing is a little stressful for me though--not knowing how long we'll actually be there, camping with Lizzy,  etc. Oye Vey. I hope that the band does well, but no matter what happens, I know it will work out exactly how it is supposed to, even if we don't understand the reasoning.

-Maybe I should have called this "three things" instead of snippets, 'cause I think that's all I've got!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Snippets + De-Lurk

-I'm kind of on a book roll. I started and finished Little Bee over the weekend, which was horrific and hard to read but also beautiful. I'll have a whole review post up sometime soon (do you guys like the book reviews?). I have a stack of library books to go through as well, and I'm hoping that I'll enjoy them as much as some of my recent reads.

-I am so wishing that the weather would warm up! I've been holding off planting our tomato plants because there's still the danger of frost. I'm definitely ready to get them in the ground! Also, everything that *is* planted already isn't doing so well--it's getting seriously wind-burnt!

-Lizzy gets up almost every single day at 6:30am on the dot. It doesn't matter what time she goes to bed, she's up by 6:30am. Except this morning...when she's apparently sleeping in. However, my body is so used to getting up at 6:30am now that I absolutely CANNOT make myself fall back asleep! How I wish I could!

-I don't know what's up with me lately, but I am seriously craving cheese. All the time. Cheddar, Gorgonzola, Blue cheese, Gouda, Havarti. Man, I love cheese. Too bad it doesn't seem to love me as much! And no, just to clear things up, I'm not pregnant, and this is not a pregnancy craving. I just like cheese.

-Our softball team is doing awesome this year! So far, we're 3-1, and the only game we've lost was a close one. The rest of the games have been called after 4 innings because we're ahead by more than 15 runs. I like to play no matter what--even last year when we only won 1 game the whole season, but there is just something really fun about when the teams wheels are clicking and everything works like it is supposed to!

-After my last post, I just wanted to clarify something--a LOT of foster parents are amazing. It wasn't my intent to convey that kids should automatically be placed with relatives because relatives won't give them back and foster parents will. I hope the last post didn't come off that way, and I apologize if it did. I was just (a) fired up that yet another set of kids had been given back after being adopted, and (b) sometimes I do think that some foster parents get really upset when child welfare initiates a relative search--almost like it's a personal insult. But really, it's a step that child welfare takes with the hopes of protecting the child. In my opinion, based on my experience, it's a good step in the process. However, it CAN also be frustrating that the "system" doesn't allow much wiggle room for looking at things on a case-by-case basis! As with anything else, there are no universals...

-Lastly, I've noticed that there are quite a few new readers/followers lately--thanks for stopping by! I'd love it if everyone, new and old, would take a few minutes to "de-lurk". In the comments, please tell me and everyone else:

1. Your name
2.One interesting fact about yourself
3. If you have a blog, tell us what it's about in 10 words or less
4. And give us your blog's url

Hope you all have a fantastic Monday!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Good & Bad

The Bad:
-Justin's been out of town for work, and it's just hard. It's even harder knowing that it will probably be several more weeks before he's home for more than a day or two at a time.
-Any time Justin goes out of town for work, Lizzy gets super clingy to me (she's a smart cookie...she realizes that dad is gone and plans to make darn sure that I don't go anywhere either). She's like a barnacle. If I walk out of the living room into the kitchen, it's a total meltdown. If I go to the bathroom, total meltdown. Trying to put her in her high chair to meltdown. Leaving her in child care for Bible Study or Mom's Group is out of the question....she even gets hysterical if people that she's usually just fine with (like my parents) try to pick her up and walk out of my line of sight. She literally wants me to walk around and hold her twenty four hours a day. I'm not exaggerating. I've literally held her pretty much all night long for the last several nights. Ditto for naps. 
-I'm kind of exhausted, and I just really miss Justin.
-So Insanity? Not happening right now. 

The Good:
-Justin is working. Even if he's out of town, at least he has a job.
-Justin is working long hours, which means that coupled with the $2/hour raise he recently got (yeah babe!), hopefully this month's paycheck will be a nice big one.
-I do get to see Justin for a day or two here and there in the midst of the never-ending work trip.
-I'm blessed that both sides of our family are super helpful and supportive, and are willing and eager to have Lizzy and I come and stay for a few days, have us over for dinner, help out with anything I need, and call to check in on us. My family (many of whom I'm also lucky enough to claim as friends) is awesome.
-Even though I haven't been doing Insanity, I have managed to get in workouts from Jillian Michaels' new "Ripped in 30" DVD nearly every day--which actually are a lot of similar exercises to Insanity, but in a 30 minute format, which just feels a lot more manageable right now. The other day, she even told me to 'dig deeper,' LOL!
-We played our first softball game last night, and won 20-2! Wooo! We all played well, and it was a ton of fun. It doesn't ruin my night when we lose, but I have to admit that it's much more fun when we win! And I'm much stronger and faster than I was last year (I can hardly believe that I had only had Lizzy 4 months ago when we played last year!), and it feels awesome.
-Today, I get to have breakfast with my best friend from high school! She lives out of state and works nights as a nurse, so we don't get to see each other or even talk to each other all that often, but I love that when we do connect, it's like no time has passed at all. I have a handful of friends like that, and I've always thought that it really is the mark of an awesome friendship!
-Speaking of awesome friends, Kaitlin, Jesse, and Jaxon will be here in 17 days!!! Hopefully, Justin will be here too...

Trying to remember that the good outweighs the bad this week...once again, "La Vida Es Un Carnaval" has become my ANTHEM.


Thursday, April 7, 2011


-Remember how last Friday I posted all those spring-y pictures and said I was so excited that spring was finally here? Yeah, it's snowing right now. And we have softball practice tonight. Awesome.

-Oh, and also a 5k on Saturday morning. Justin is going to push Lizzy in the jogger--he has never run using the jogger, so I think this will be very interesting. On one hand, I'm kind of stressed because even though 3.1 miles probably doesn't seem very far to most people, I've never run that far. And we haven't been training, just doing Insanity (though we've even been slacking a little there these last few days). I know we're in good cardiovascular shape, but I just don't feel totally prepared. I keep telling myself that we're just going to go and do it, and if we have to walk some of the time, who cares (I tell myself this, but I'm not sure whether or not I totally believe it!).

-Lately, I've been trying to be good about asking Lizzy questions whenever she's fussy (i.e. "Are you hungry?" or "Do you need your diaper changed?"). When I finally ask the right question, she makes this face:


-I'm really excited about doing a special feature on Good Friday called "The Power of the Cross" that combines photography and my faith. I'm looking for other people to participate, so if you're intrigued or want to participate, let me know! This is kind of one of those things for me where I feel pretty strongly that I'm supposed to do it, but I need a lot of help and support to actually make it happen. I told Justin last night that it's sort of one of those situations where it's like, "Okay God, I'm listening, but NOW WHAT?!"

-Last Friday, I made myself a "pizza" that consisted of whole wheat crust, balsamic vinegar, spinach, strawberries, and blue cheese. It was delicious. I can't stop thinking about it and how I want to make it again plus chicken. Or maybe in a turkey-pannini form:


-As many of you are probably aware, unless congress can get it together, there will be a government shut-down on Friday. I get pretty riled up about this, and one of my major frustrations is that I feel like the politicians keep forgetting that there are real people who will be severely affected by the shut-down (because let's face it, many of them won't be severely affected). Our good friends Kait & Jesse are a good example--in which Jesse would be expected to keep coming to work and not be paid. Seriously, go read her blog post {Walking A Line Between Panic and Prepared}.

-And just because:


Thursday, August 12, 2010

How I Spent My Summer...

Or the last few days of it at least....

-On Monday, we got to finally see Kaitlin, Jesse, and Jaxon! Since before they were born, we have joked that Jaxon and Lizzy are betrothed, so that we could all actually be family. So we about died when Lizzy kept trying to pet his face and hold his hand. She's been around a lot of babies and hasn't done that before, so it was hilarious. I'll have to try to get a picture of it soon.

-I have officially completed Level 1 of the 30 Day Shred ten times, and even with actual weights instead of canned food. I didn't quite do 10 consecutive days, but I was close. Today, I move on to Level 2, and I am nervous! I've done it once or twice before, and it is KILLER.

-I finished reading The Help, and it was fantastic. I loved every second of it, and would recommend it in a heartbeat. I'm now reading a book called The Girls, about conjoined twins. It is really interesting!

-We've had a couple of weeks off from softball, and we're going to start the fall league here pretty soon. We were hoping to move down to the C league, but we're still in the B league. Here's hoping we actually win a game, and not just because the other team doesn't show up! 

-For my birthday, one of the things my parents gave us was a gift certificate to go to the movies. Any suggestions? I hardly even know what's playing right now...

-The band has been busy this summer. A couple of weeks ago, they had the opportunity to play at an old rock quarry that has been renovated and turned into an outdoor amphitheater for concerts. It's a really beautiful setting:

 The band has several more concerts coming up in the next few weeks--it's a busy (and fun!) time!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Me, as Spinach.

I was thrilled to see so many of you hamming it up for the camera last Friday! Time for round two :) But before we start this week, I did want to clear up two things, just in case there is any confusion: 

1- You do NOT have to be a mom to participate.

2- You do NOT need to include your husband/baby/dog in the picture if you don't want to. 
As long as it has YOU, it's all good.

{Note: A lot of my photos probably will be of Lizzy and I, because I want to increase the number of pictures that exist of the two of us. But sometimes, like this week, it just might be me being silly or serious or whatever}. we go. Here I am, doing my best impression of a leaf of Spinach. I TOLD YOU that they are bigger than my head!

PS- Don't mind the huge shiner on my arm...a line drive took a funny hop at our last softball game. But do not fear, I stopped it AND got the out.

Monday, June 28, 2010


-Justin's birthday was yesterday! Happy birthday babe! We had a party for him here at the house on Friday, where we gave him a pretty awesome present from the entire family--a shiny new BBQ. I was able to pay for my portion with photo shoots that I had done, and I was really excited about that. I'm really thankful that the whole family was on board with doing a group gift--I couldn't have done it without them.

-On Saturday, Justin's band played a concert at a local lake. The organizers gave us waterslide vouchers, and it was a ton of fun. I was really nervous about going, because it meant standing around in line in a bathing suit...but I did it, and even though it was really hard for me to do (and was not at all comfortable for me), I'm glad that I did because it was a lot of fun. Except for the time when the 5 year old girl ahead of me stopped herself and stood up in the slide. I came around a corner, saw her just standing up in the middle of the waterslide and thought "Crap....this could really be bad." I was worried that I'd knock her out of the waterslide! So, as I went by I grabbed her, sat her on my lap, and took her down the rest of the way with me. I didn't know what else to do!

- Lizzy is up on all fours and rocking. I can hardly believe it. Really though, she's far more interested in holding on to our hands and walking around the room. She is so pleased with herself when she's doing it.

-I am still plodding along at the Couch to 5k program. I didn't get any runs in last week, but I'm really wanting to get back on the horse this week, even though my confidence with running is at an all time low right now. This is something that I need to push through and do, even if I'm not good at it.

-I finished a bizarre book over the weekend--The Island of Lost Girls by Jennifer McMahon. It's about a little girl who was kidnapped by someone wearing a giant rabbit costume. There was a witness, but the witness was so shocked by the situation that she didn't do anything to stop the situation. It was bizarre, but not bad. I wouldn't buy it, but it was a decent library check-out.

-This morning, I picked a piece of spinach from our garden that was bigger than my head.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Attitude Adjustment

I need an attitude adjustment after a terrible softball game last night. I have tried to go into this league just to have fun (because I can be really competitive when it comes to sports I've actually played), but after losing by over 20 points last night, I was in a really bad mood.  Especially when they chose to keep playing even after the game had been called due to our losing by so much. I know that was the good decision to make, but on a night where almost no one seemed to be clicking (other than Justin who hit two home runs!), it was PAINFUL for me to keep playing. Mostly because it gave myself more reasons to be irritated at myself (I rarely notice errors that other people make during games, but I hold on to the ones that I make for-ev-ah). to combat my mood, I decided to make a list of a few things that I am thankful for today.

1- I've written about my friend Kaitlin a few times on this blog, asking for prayers for her son Jaxon (or as I like to joke, my future son in law), who was in the NICU after being born at 35 weeks. Well, Jaxon is finally home! He was able to go home on Friday, just in time for Kaitlin's birthday on Saturday! God is good. {PS- Kaitlin, your birthday made me feel old. Sometimes I forget that we aren't the same age ;) }

2- Sweet Justin. I've written before about the Bathroom Cleaning Battle in our house. On Friday, I told him that it was really important to me that the bathrooms be cleaned this weekend. He said that he would absolutely clean them, but to be honest, I didn't have very much faith that they would actually get done. But I was so wrong. Justin impressed me so much by cleaning them both AND vacuuming while I took a nap on Sunday. {Can I also just mention that I really didn't have any idea how tired I was until I took a nap?!}

3- A fridge stocked with food, and just enough money to get us by until Justin gets paid on Friday. It's incredible how my staying at home has somehow worked every month.

4- JJ Heller. A few months ago, Renee sang "Your Hands" by JJ Heller at church, and got me hooked. I've been listening to her a lot, because Lizzy really seems to like her and calm down. She has two songs (Lullaby and Keep You Safe) that as a mom, make me melt every time. Seriously mommas, both of those songs are great songs to sing to your little ones in my humble opinion.

5- Smiles from Lizzy. She is at such a fun age right now. All smiles and laughs. She's really starting to be interactive, and it's just so incredible to watch her grow. 

What are you thankful for today? I'd love to hear them in the comments!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

103 and Other Things.

This is one of those days where I feel like I have a ton to say, and I'm just not sure how to phrase any of it. Maybe I'll just ramble. I'm an expert rambler, just so you know.

-On Justin's side of the family, there are four "sisters"--Justin's actual sister's Karla, and Kelsey. And then Renee and I, who "married in". Renee, Karla, and I have been getting together at least once a week (with another girl from our softball team) to have lunch, let the kids play, and then we do a short Bible study. Right now, we're reading Max Lucado's newest book Fearless. I love that time so much--coming together in the Word, sharing our own thoughts and fears. Spending time with amazing women, wives, and moms. It's a great start to my week. Especially right now, because I'm finding that anxiety is rearing its ugly little head.

- I've always loved a capella groups. Even before Glee came along and made them cool again--which I am THRILLED about. Anyway, one of the big ones out here is "On the Rocks", which is the University of Oregon's male a capella group. They've gone viral this week for their rendition of Lady GaGa. It's hilarious.

-Right now, I'm on the mini-pill for birth control. I'm not sure whether or not I want to switch to something different. The fact that it's less effective than regular BC pills freaks me out. And there seems to be a ton of debate about whether or not you should use condoms along with the mini pill. But if I'm going to use condoms anyway, what's the point of being on the pill? And I've also heard lots of stories about moms who got pregnant again while on the mini pill, which really freaks me out because I am so not ready to be pregnant again. Which probably comes across as being really insensitive, because I know that it's Infertility Awareness week. I hate that so many of my friends are dealing with infertility whereas I'm desperately trying not to get pregnant. Anyway, I'd love to hear what all you momma's did for BC after you had your bambinos. 

-Sweet Justin pre-empted a major breakdown on my part last night by doing the dishes. Lizzy is teething, and therefore has been kind of a basket case for the last new days. And I don't know if she's growing (and thus eating more) or me not sleeping well at night from my allergies, but the last few days I have just been EXHAUSTED. I have been trying to nap when she naps, but that means that I don't get as much cleaning done around the house, and it is frustrating for me. I don't do very well living in a state of chaos.

-I am officially down a jeans size. I still don't think I've actually lost any weight, but the down a size thing is really, really nice.

-Five or six people have called me recently about doing photo shoots recently. Could this really take off as an actual business? I've also had a few wedding requests, but I just do NOT feel ready to do a wedding yet--I haven't even been a second shooter for a wedding yet!

-Our softball team only lost by one run during tie-breaker rules last weekend. It was an awesome time, and the ump said it was the best season-opener he's ever done. And I love all the people on the team--I hope we continue to do things outside of softball this summer!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Gobbledy Gook

- We had softball practice last night! Kaitlin's parents were completely awesome and watched Lizzy at the last minute for us. We were practicing by their house, and it suddenly got really cold. Also, the field didn't have a dugout and I was worried about stray balls bopping Lizzy. Anyway, it was so much fun! I played softball through high school growing up, and I've missed it. It's funny how skiddish I am of the ball now though--I used to have no problem getting in front of grounders and line drives. Stopping them with my body was no biggie. Now, I find myself thinking..." it really worth getting hit for?" And my answer is always NO. Ha! We got in the car afterwords, and Justin said, "Babe, you did really well! I didn't really have very high expectations, but you did better than I thought you would!" He meant that he wasn't sure if I was feeling 100% after Lizzy yet. But it cracked me up--was that supposed to be a compliment? ;-)

- As you may have noticed on the sidebar, I'm reading The Poisonwood Bible right now. I must have started this book half a dozen times before. I'd find it at the used book store, get it, try to read it, become disinterested, and take it back to the used book store. A few months later, I'd repeat the process. But this time, I am really enjoying it. I find that this happens to me a lot--sometimes, I'm just not at a place in my life where I can appreciate or enjoy a particular book, but a few months (or years) down the road, I am.

-We finally have a good variety of garden starts! The Jiffy greenhouses really didn't work all that well for me. However, what HAS worked well is germinating seeds in a paper towel inside a Ziplock bag. Basically, you get the paper towel wet, put some seeds on it. Then you fold the paper towel in half, and put it inside a Ziplock bag. Most of my seeds sprout in a day or two. Then, you just plant the seeding (along with that section of paper towel if the root had grown through the paper towel). Easy Peasy.

- I am not sure what to do with Lizzy during nap time. We have largely stopped swaddling her due to the fact that (a) she hates it and tries to escape and (b) she is rolling, and it's recommended to stop swaddling when babies are rolling. That said, she doesn't sleep well when she's not swaddled. I've only been getting her to take half hour naps lately. I suppose that we could be entering into the 4 month wakeful. Not sure. Any advice?

-Also, I feel like I am covered in baby spit up 100% of the time. I change, and she spews on me again. Blech. 

-About this time every year, I start jonesing to go wakeboarding. I want to go really, really badly. So badly, that I've been dreaming about it. I know it's too cold right now, but I can't wait until we CAN go. Speaking of, we probably need to get The Lizard a lifejacket!
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