Monday, June 23, 2008

The Wedding

We got married June 23, 2007 at the church my parents got married in, with Justin's dad officiating. It was such an incredible and relaxing day, and in retrospect I'm really glad we did things the way we did!

We started the night before off at our favorite pizza place with a big party for everyone:



All my favorite PLU lovelies were in town, even though you can't see Sara(and I wonder if Ethan is opposed to being called a lovely?).



Renee and Kait--can you BELIEVE this photo?! I forgot how little Logan was!

Fun fact: My little brother dove into a too-shallow pool the week before the wedding and knocked out his two front teeth and also had stitches across his lips. Admittedly, I was a little ticked at the time about how he'd look in the wedding photos, but in retrospect I'm just thankful stitches were the worst of it.

IMG_1546 111

IMG_1519 084

IMG_1563 128

IMG_1600 165

IMG_1587 152

IMG_1585 150

IMG_1627 192

IMG_1649 214

IMG_1662 227

IMG_1756 044

IMG_1574 139

We all tease Justin to this day about this photo because it looks like he's grabbing my butt during the kiss--he swears he wasn't and that it was just funny timing.
IMG_1796 084_2

IMG_1578 143

IMG_1576 141

After the wedding, we had cake and punch at the church (we knew there were quite a few elderly couples who wouldn't come to the big reception and would appreciate having cake at the church it was summer and easier to have the cake where there was AC!) and then later headed out to the lake for a big BBQ, dancing, and fun. Upon getting engaged, we learned that it was customary to put up an invitation inviting the whole church to the wedding--and I had grown up in one Lutheran Church and Justin's dad was/is the pastor at another Lutheran that actually meant inviting TWO entire churches, plus our families and friends. And Justin has an exceptionally large we knew a very casual BBQ was the only thing we'd be able to afford to feed about 400 people. Again, I'm so glad that's what we did--it was a lot of fun I thought!

IMG_1891 175





IMG_1934 218

Um, I definitely thought I was 'overweight' when I got married because I think I weighed 170 lbs and that was at the high end of the BMI charts. HA.

IMG_1879 163



And where was I before the day that I first saw your lovely face?
Now I see it everyday, and I know

That I am, I am
I am, the luckiest.
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