Tuesday, June 11, 2013

These Girls

Over the past year, Justin has had night class for his apprenticeship once a week. Usually, he heads straight there from work, and then gets home sometime between 9-10pm. It makes for a loooonnnggggg night for both of us. I don't know why, but doing the whole dinner/bath/bed routine solo is infinitely more difficult than doing the day-to-day stuff. Anyway. Last week was his last class until the fall! I was trying to keep my sanity last week, so I took the girls out to the front yard and for a quick little walk around the corner to take some photos.

Because while this is a hard, sleepless, time peppered with some serious separation anxiety for Becca (just for good measure), it's also a sweet time with these girls--Becca's personality is really starting to show, and she is really pretty hilarious. Lizzy is still getting used to the dynamic of having to share time with Becca,  and three may be the most dramatic age to date, but she's also full of such straight-up belly-laughing FUN.

And these girls together? They kind of blow me away. They love each other so much, and I hope that never changes. My sister and I never got along growing up. In fact, we're really just starting to get along now. I was nervous to have two girls, because for me, that whole "SISTERS ARE BFFS FOREVER" thing never happened. I find myself kind of holding my breath with Lizzy and Becca. Because Becca just lights up whenever she sees Lizzy. And Lizzy is generally so sweet with Becca. But I also see, sometimes, those tinges of jealousy. On occasion, I see Lizzy trying to knock Becca over when she doesn't realize I'm watching. I see Becca get irritated with the never stopping, never ceasing kisses and hugs and slobbery kisses from Lizzy. Time will tell, I guess. And until then, I hold my breath and hope for the best.

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Missing In Action

All my stuff goes missing.

Seriously. It drives me crazy.

Yesterday, I bought a new package of underwear, because I felt like I was missing half of my underwear. When we got home, I immediately took it back to our bedroom. This morning? The whole stinking package is missing.

So is the maxi dress I planned to wear.

And the strapless bra that I planned to wear with it.

I tried to walk out the door to water some plants this morning, and I'm missing one of every pair of shoes that I own.

I have two hairbrushes. Both were MIA when I hopped out of the shower this morning. I found one in Lizzy's backpack, and the other is still missing.

Seriously. I mean, I know our house looks like a bomb went off, which I'm sure is not helping things, but COME ON. Even if a young girl whose name rhymes with "Hizzy" is taking and hiding these things (as I suspect)...our house isn't that big...WHERE DOES IT GO?!

Justin has been wanting to buy a little safe to put under his side of the bed. I think I'm going to need one as well, to start shoving all the crap I need on a daily basis inside.


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