Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thursday Printable: Give Thanks

Oh, hey there blog. Long time, no see.

I wish I could say that I'll be posting on the regular from now on, but the truth is....that's probably not going to happen yet. Though I do miss blogging, a lot. But no, really the only reason I'm posting today is because I made a printable for my Mom's Group this week, and I like to toss all the printables up here for easy access.

So, long story short, here's a Thanksgiving themed free printable! Woo-hoo! The wreath graphic came from Besotted and the pinecone graphic was made by We Lived Happily Ever After. Both sites have some amazing graphics that are free for personal and/or non-commercial use that you should *absolutely* check out. In the meantime, feel free to download this baby, print her up, and stick her on your fridge or in a frame--I know that *I* will need this reminder over the course of the next week!

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