Thursday, May 30, 2013

Why not pick the wildflowers?

This morning, while Becca was down for a nap, I tried to coax Lizzy outside. It's been rainy here for the past few days (because what would spring in Oregon be without rain?), and Lizzy has been BEGGING to go outside. So, I thought she'd jump at the opportunity to get outside since the sun was finally peeking through the clouds. I thought wrong.
But MOM, it's a little bit windy and the wind will knock me over!
But MOM, there is some sort of little bug on the blanket and he is NOT MAKING GOOD CHOICES AND NOT BEING A GOOD LISTENER TO ME.
But MOM, I just want to watch another episode of Dora.
But MOM, there is no snow for me to make a snow angel and I really want to make a snow angel.
I was getting frustrated. Because this was our chance for some one-on-one time. Time I know she craves. The stuff that she acts out if she doesn't get. And she was being so ridiculous that it was making it almost impossible to give it to her.
"Hey Lizzy, do you want to pick some flowers? We can take them inside and put them in a vase."

See, Lizzy loves to pick flowers. And I feel like I'm often telling her, "Please don't pick the flowers Lizzy!" The problem with Lizzy and flowers is that she will pick every. single. one. And sometimes, especially at other people's houses...they actually want the flowers that they purchased to remain in tact, rather than pulled apart and strewn about the lawn. Heck, sometimes *I* want that. But we've planted wildflowers in a few places in the backyard, and there's really no reason why she can't pick those. So, we did.

And then we went inside and picked out a mason jar, and I watched and took some photos as she arranged the flowers just so in the jar. The ones with too-short stems and all.  Then she smiled.

As a mom, these are the little moments that I am thankful for. However fleeting they may be. And today I can't help but think why NOT pick the wildflowers?



God writes the Gospel not in the Bible alone,
 but also on trees, and in the flowers, and clouds and stars. 
~Attributed to Martin Luther


  1. hahahahaha I can see this EXACT interaction happening with Annie.

    Also, her hair is SO LONG and perfect!!! It looks amazing. Annie's is too long and scraggly and unless I put it in a pony just won't stay behind her ears/parted out of her face. Need to figure out a style, stat.

  2. I love this! The 180* from the first set of pictures to the second set...ah, the life of a toddler.

  3. We live in a newer development with lots of empty lots and fields nearby. We are picking wildflowers/weeds on a DAILY! Every time we go for walks the kids spend more time picking the pretty weeds than we actually do walking or bike riding. It's fun. Plus, I always have tons of little vases filled with them. :)

  4. Love this---so typical of a three year old and yet so exhausting/amazing/dramatic even when you are used to this stuff. Great post, girl.

  5. You are doing an amazing job with your girls! I was reading this article for school and couldn't help but think of the "wonder" of Lizzy's wildflower adventure.


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