Monday, April 7, 2014

Beauty in the Mundane- Volume 3

We had an unexpected evening at home last night with some unexpected sunshine, and it could not have been more amazing. Recently, some friends have given us some old outdoor play things that their kids had outgrown--a slide, and then some swings--which are amazing placeholders until we eventually buy or make what we'd like to have long term. The girls got to play with them for the first time yesterday, and had a BLAST. I'm so glad that I grabbed my camera before we headed out to play after dinner--there's beauty and a story in these little moments, you know?

D-3 D-7 D-8 D-11 D-9 D-14 D-19 D-20 D-21 D-24 D-26 D-31 D-28 D-36 D-37 D-38 D-39 D-43 D-49 D-56 D-51


  1. Perfection! Love days like that :)

  2. These are awesome photos!! So hard to remember to grab the nice camera when we're just going to the backyard, need to do that soon! It's not as nice and green here yet though ;)

  3. those are the nicest evenings :) and becca's mouth looks juuuust like lucy's teeth-wise. Except her little canines are starting to pop and ouccch. The nights I have the lowest expectations for fun I have the most fun. Now figure that out.

  4. Love love love. We have evenings like this occasionally too and they are the best. I'm jealous of how warm it looks and how green your grass is. It's still so cold here. One day...


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