Monday, June 9, 2014

Life Right Now

Last Thursday, Lizzy finished her last day of preschool. Next year, she'll be in pre-K and going three days a week, and she already CAN NOT WAIT. Actually, she cannot wait for kindergarten, and doesn't quite understand why other kids who will be five will be in kindergarten next year and she won't (she's a January birthday, so she's past the cut-off). But, she'll survive :)


After her last day of school, as we were driving home, she was looking at the yearbook that her school does. She told me, "I'm just looking at the pre-K kids, to make sure I know what I'm supposed to look like next year!" She is so funny sometimes.

This past week, I also took the girls around the corner from our house to do an annual sister picture. And because you KNOW I'm a sucker for comparison pictures, here's the batch from last year, June 2013:
And then this year, June 2014:
Becca, at 18 months, is actually wearing the same dress that Lizzy wore in the 2013 pictures, when she was 3. It is crazy to me sometimes how different Lizzy and Becca are, both in terms of personalities, and also in terms of size. Lizzy was a lot more verbal at this age than Becca is, and I think sometimes we treated her a lot older than she really was (we still forget sometimes that she's only 4!). Becca knows plenty of words, and is totally on track for her age, but because she isn't nearly as verbal as Lizzy, it's easier to treat her like the age she really is. I'm sure part of it is a second child thing too--with the first kiddo, I feel like I was more excited for all those milestones and "firsts", and with Becca, I am 100% fine to hold off on some of those things, ha!

On the other hand, there's also a set of things that I think Becca will do more quickly than Lizzy, because she has someone to keep up with!  For example, Lizzy was practicing her scooter on Saturday, and Becca was royally ticked that she didn't have one of her own to ride--she kept yelling "Beppa! Turn!" (her version of "Becca's turn!"). Justin would help her stand and roll a bit, and she could not have been more proud of herself.

Lizzy has been asking over and over if she and Becca can share a room. She talks about bunk beds NON STOP, and I secretly think she's trying to teach Becca to climb out of her crib so that we'll be more likely to want to transition Becca to a different type of bed. On one hand, it would be really nice to have them share a bedroom and maybe have our third bedroom be a toy/playroom. On the other hand, Becca still naps and Lizzy does not, but she usually still goes into her room and reads for quiet time. I feel like going to a shared room is going to eliminate Becca's nap since she'll want to be just like Lizzy, and I am definitely not ready for that! I feel like why rush it unless we have to. We'll see.


  1. Sooo cute!! I love the sister pictures.

    My sister's girls (she has 3) were the same way when it came to speech. We always joked that with so many girls in the family, the 2nd & 3rd daughters just weren't ever able to get a word in, so they didn't talk as soon as the first. :-)

  2. Ohhh my gosh my kids are on the sharing kick, too!! umm. bunk beds. Yea. I can see how fun that would be (eyeroll)...seriously, all I picture is lucy climbing up the top, then falling off when they're having a tickle-fight. HA. beautiful photos-all of them.

  3. They're getting so big! Love that Becca is wearing the dress Lizzy wore a year ago. And I think it's definitely a second child thing - or maybe a second child to very verbal older siblings thing, but Nell definitely was on pace but not way ahead in the words department. My friends whose first borns weren't very verbal have very verbal 2nd kids. So weird.

  4. Hi Meredith! I'm Heather and I was just wondering if you would be willing to answer my quick question I have about your blog! My email is Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com :-)

  5. What if in your toy/play room you had a daybed or couch? That would be a place for quiet time. Or a reading corner? Love the pictures.

  6. Cute photos!
    My daughter is also 4 (5 in Jan) and she goes to kindergarten in Sept. We live in Ontario Canada and we have 2 years of kindergarten here.

    I have 2 girls who share a room and losing quiet time sucked but now neither nap or have quiet time really (ages almost 3 and 4). I survive but do stick them in front of the tv if I need to get a moment of quiet.

  7. These photos are fantastic! I love them and love the comparison shots! Like you said, maybe not right away, but I think sharing a room with a sibling is an awesome idea! I think it's a great way for siblings to bond (not that they need help, obviously). But it's just one of those things that kids do. Plus, all kids need bunk beds at some point in their lives, right? I also love the previous poster's idea of putting a day bed in the playroom, so L can still "rest" if she wants while B naps. Genius. I would not want to give up that nap either!


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