Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Free Printable: Known & Loved

One of my goals/resolutions for this year was to continue to practice and learn more about graphic design. Any time I make a printable either for myself or for my mom's group, I always try to incorporate a new technique so that I can learn something new. One of the things that I've wanted to learn for awhile was how to use glyphs in Photoshop--I'd have these gorgeous fonts that I knew came with beautiful swashes and embellishments, and I couldn't figure out how to access them in Photoshop. Well, the short answer is that you just can't. The long answer is that you CAN access them in Illustrator and then just copy and paste into Photoshop. Ha. Now I know.

So anyway, yesterday was all about glyphs, so I knew that I wanted to make a simple little printable that incorporated them. Recently, my friend Emily blogged about being encouraged by God that she is known & loved, and her words have really stuck with me...so, this printable is for her. And for me. And for you.

Here's how to get it for yourself:
1. Click on the image above, which will take you over to Flickr.
2. In the lower right hand corner, you should see an arrow pointing down to a line. Click on it.
3. Then choose "all sizes", and select whichever size you'd like to download (I recommend downloading the original).
4. Print the image at home.
5. If you print it and love it, please consider pinning it on Pinterest so that others can find it as well.

The flower graphic used in this printable came from We Lived Happily Ever After, and you can find it here. The font used in this printable is the Cresilda Script, which happens to be part of Creative Market's April Big Bundle (which I think is available for purchase through today, and is filled with tons of awesome graphics and fonts for only $39).

Important note: I wasn't asked by Creative Market to tell you about the April Big Bundle, nor are any of these links affiliate links. I just think that when you get $1209 worth of stuff for $39, that's a pretty good deal worth sharing. Happy Tuesday!

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