Thursday, November 5, 2015

Thursday Free Printable


 A little Thanksgiving printable that I made for Mom to Mom this week. It's kind of hilarious because it's been a really busy, really hard couple of months for us (nothing terrible, just long hours of work and some hard parenting stages), and I definitely have not always found myself giving thanks in all of those circumstances. But, it's something that I'd like to aspire to nonetheless. So, as always this is really because I need it, but maybe you might too :)

Here's how to get it for yourself:
1. Click on the image above, which will take you over to Flickr.
2. In the lower right hand corner, you should see an arrow pointing down to a line. Click on it.
3. Then choose "all sizes", and select whichever size you'd like to download (I recommend downloading the original). In this case, the original is sized to 5x7, but may be high enough resolution that you could print it larger if you'd like.
4. Print the image at home.
5. If you print it and love it, please consider pinning it on Pinterest so that others can find it as well.

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