Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I need your help!

I'm making Lizzy her own ABC book. The goal is to have simple words, and everyday items--preferably things she'll see around the house. Also, that I'm able to take pictures of. The last one is key, so things like "A is for Aardvark" are out. But here's the problem--I'm stuck with a few of the letters. And I'd love suggestions!

Here's what I have so far:

A- Maybe Ark, NOT Apple
B- Bear
C- Cat
D- Dad
E- Elizabeth
F- Feet
G- Giraffe
H- House
J- Jacket
K- Kiwi
L- Lizard
M- Mom
N- Nose
O- NOT Orange
P- Pants or Popcorn
Q- Maybe Quilt
S- Socks and Shoes
T- Tree
W- Whale
Y- Yawn
Z- Zebra

Any suggestions for the ones were missing? Any better ideas for a letter we already have?


  1. What about:
    B-Banana or Book
    I-Ice Cream (yum!)
    O-Oak Tree (if your husband is a landscaper like mine!)
    R-recliner or reading
    V-vest or visit (like Grandma's Visit)
    X-xylophone (I'm sure you could get a toy one for her...)

  2. A - Arm, Art, Arrow
    I - Ice cube,
    P - Pillow
    R - Rainbow, Red, Raincoat
    U - Umbrella
    V - Violet,
    X - sorry, I can't think of anything other than xylophone...

  3. Maybe these:
    I-ice, ice cream
    0-ottoman, out, outside, oven
    Q-quiet, queen (most common), quack
    U-umbrella,underwear, under
    V-vase, vest, voice
    X-x-ray, xerox,xylophone

    Hope this helps!

  4. I - ice cream
    R - Rain

    What about love for L and Yarn for Y?

    Can't wait to see this finished -- it sounds super cute!

  5. First of all--ridiculously awesome idea!! :D

    Ice cream for I was definitely the first thing that came to my mind...but maybe you can come up with something better.

    Words that start with x are seriously just not kid friendly. You could do some kind of play of of x marks the spot or something?

    What about zipper for z instead of zebra? That's a bit more practical, maybe.

    R for ring?

    Oatmeal for O? No, scratch that--OCEAN! A must have. ;)

    Airplane for a? Or Africa?

    R is for rock! Or Ryan?

    What do you have against apples? I like the umbrella suggestion for U.

    V for vacuum.

    Lars thinks you should change L to, well, Lars. I think Lisa is better than Lars but that Lizard is definitely best.

  6. R-Rock? Rainbow?

    That's all I've got. :) Great idea!

  7. Love this idea!
    A- Art or Ape
    I- Icicle or Iguana
    O- Olive or Ocean or Owl
    P- Peanut or Pickle or Purse or Phone
    R- Rug or Railing or Rain
    U- Umbrella or Underwear
    V- Violin or Violet or Vase

  8. Cool idea! People have covered all my suggestions!

  9. Darn- I was going to be so cleaver- and find you great ideas- but your friends already have fantastic ideas. Oh well. Can't wait to see it when its done.

  10. I - I could send you a picture of Isaac. ;)

  11. A for animal cracker

  12. First off, I totally used a 12 weeks trick last night & held my finger in front of the flash to dim it so that our candelight dinner pictures wouldn't be ridiculously bright.

    A - alligator
    I - igloo, ice
    O - oyster, ocean
    Q - i like quilt
    R - rain, red
    U - umbrella, ukelele
    V - vest, vase
    X - this is hard one.

    I'm pretty sure someone has already said all of those. :-)

  13. This is such an awesome idea! You're so smart and crafty! Everyone stole my ideas, so I'm out of them...

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. I - Ice
    O - Oven
    R - Rug
    U - Umbrella
    V - Vacuum
    X - ooohhh...tough one!

    What a great idea! You're a great mama!

  16. A- Alligator

    I- Ipod, Indian, Ice Skate, Infant, Insect

    O- Owl, Oven, Olympics, Officer, Omelette

    Q- Quarters, Queen

    R- Redbox,Rabbit, Radio, Raft,Refrigerator

    U- Unicorn, Unicycle

    V- Vegetable, Viking, Volcano, Vase, Volleyball

    X- Xbox


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