Monday, March 29, 2010


-This is a pretty crazy week for us--it's Holy Week. I did a post last year about Holy Week, which you can find here if you're interested. This week also marks the return of my favorite TV show ever, Bones! Also the week when I'll be able to drink Cherry Coke again :)

-Lizzy and I are both getting over colds. I want to start exercising (more than the walking that I've been doing), but my supply tanked when I had the cold. I'm still able to feed and satisfy Lizzy, but I'm yielding very little when pumping. I tried Mother's Milk tea, but I just couldn't handle it. It was gross. I'm worried about adding exercise on top right now since I don't have a freezer stash if my supply tanks, but it's too cold to walk. Maybe I'll do yoga or something like that. I *WANT* to be doing serious cardio though.

-I'm trying to decide whether or not to do an Easter basket for Lizzy. It's a fun tradition, and there are a couple little things that I'd love to get for her, but she doesn't honestly NEED them. Plus, she isn't old enough to really realize what's going on anyway...

-On Friday, Justin and I watched "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution." Have you heard about it? Basically, Jamie Oliver (a chef known for cooking with raw ingredients) goes to the unhealthiest city in America, intending to start a food revolution. Much like he did in Britain, he starts in the school cafeterias. Let me tell you...there were a few scenes that were appalling--like when the cafeteria ladies told Jamie that the cafeteria didn't have cutlery because everything the kids ate could be eaten with their hands. Or when he showed how chicken nuggets are made (barf). Another mind-blowing scene was when Jamie went into a classroom, held up basic produce (potato, carrot, lettuce, tomato), and the elementary kids couldn't identify any of them. This show really reaffirmed my desire to move to eating more whole foods and less processed junk. You can watch it online here. It was incredible.

So, Justin and I planned out our garden last night, which we will be doing in three raised beds. We will be doing companion planting, and plan to plant corn, cucumbers, green beans, carrots, radishes, two kinds of tomatoes, kaleidoscope peppers, green peppers, jalapenos, peas, watermelon, cantaloupe, and strawberries. We'll also plant a variety of herbs along the edges of the beds, which are great for repelling all sorts of bugs and insects. We might be in a little over our heads, but I think that the automatic sprayers will help immensely! This is sort of a trial year, and we'll see where to go from here next year.


  1. Hope everyone gets to feeling better soon so you can start working out!

  2. hope everyone feels better SOON!!

  3. Good luck with the garden! When I look at mine and realize I have 32 plants compared to the 10 I had last year blows my mind. Having the raised bed and doing square foot gardening just breaks it down and makes it really easy. I'm glad I gave you guys a laugh last night with the bird story!

  4. Good luck with the garden, can't wait to hear about it! I wish we were doing one, but we're hoping to create one next year and hoping this year we can get into a CSA for fresh fruits and veg.

    As far as the Easter basket goes - are your parents or Justin's planning to create baskets? If they are, I might skip it this year since Lizzy will never know the difference!

  5. Hope you're feeling better! I totally watched that show and LOVED it... It did make me sick though, thinking that kids eat all that crap! Yuck!

    I hope your garden works out, I would love to have all of that delicious food at the tips of my fingers. Plus, I think it helps you eat healthier when it's so easy to get.

  6. Hope you all are feeling much better. Colds are no fun!

    I haven't watched that show yet, but a few co workers were discussing it this morning. I need to check it out. Good luck with the garden!

  7. Jealous about your garden--hubby is contemplating building some raised beds, but we may be a bit too late for it this year. Can't wait to hear how it all turns out :)

    And YES I watched Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. Ohmygosh! Cannot believe the garbage those kids are sad. What a great show.

  8. mere,
    i can't believe it - we watched the food revolution just last night! i loved and was totally disturbed throughout. i almost lost it at the chicken nugget ingredient part. and here's the other thing: why did the kids' response to the food (of course they were not going to like it right away - they are totally not used to real food) determine anything?! it really comes down to parents speaking loud and clear about what goes in to their kids' bodies. it's that important ... at home and at school. =)

  9. I LOVED Jamie Oliver's new show. So eye opening!

  10. I got that Oliver video sent to me from one of my students! It rocked my world. He really rocks and is really onto something there...I remember some of the junk I got served in elementary school (and college?) and it makes me shutter. Pop Tarts? French toast sticks? Come on!

    Glad that you're gonna go for the garden!

  11. Chicken nuggets are damn near the worst thing ever.

    I just had a cold too. Right after I had one two weeks ago. Laaaaaame.

  12. I'm excited to start the garden, too! Hope you guys are feeling better, spring colds are the worst.


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