Friday, February 18, 2011

A Little Too Ambitious

I've mentioned on this blog before that I am a total bookworm. I love books. I love the feeling of cracking open a new book for the first time and letting the world drop away. My 4th grade teacher used to describe reading as watching a movie in your head--only YOU get to cast every character and stage every scene. I love it.

But, books are also a way that I sometimes spend in excess. We have many, many bookshelves in our house, and they're all pretty much full. I've started going through and taking the ones that I didn't absolutely love to the used book store. I also made a commitment to try my darndest to check books out of the library rather than buying them, which has worked out well for the most part, except that our podunk local library tends to mostly stock Louis Lamour and Nora Roberts, which makes sense demographically, but doesn't make browsing particularly fun. So, I usually have to request books from other libraries, and there's usually a wait list.

I try to stagger when I'll receive the books, but every once in awhile I'll move up the list more quickly than expected and end up with a plethora of books, like this week:


This stack is a little ambitious for two weeks worth of reading, even for me. Justin likes to poke fun at me and say that I'd be able to finish Under The Dome in two days, but that's just not true...that alone will probably take me a week and a half or two, considering the time I'm usually spending on the Beth Moore study each day. I've started reading The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest first, just because I'm certain that I won't be able to renew it. After that though, anything's fair game--though I should mention that I'll almost certainly be able to renew The Fiery Cross, so I'll probably save that for last. So basically, I'll probably end up reading either Under the Dome OR Midwives and The Last Talk with Lola Faye. Have you read any of these? Which way would you go?

And as always, if you've recently read a good book that I should add to my "To Be Read" pile, feel free to mention it!


  1. I love being able to reserve books online at the library. It makes it so simple! I've found lately that I'm reading a bit less lately & knitting a bit more. They're both such nice ways to unwind though!

  2. Have you read any of the Kate Morton books? I read The Forgotten Garden late last year and have recently started to read The House at Riverton. Both are really good.

    I think I also read once that you are a Jodi Picoult fan (or at least used to be) and I'd like to read more of her books. While away a couple weeks ago I read The Pact but didn't really like it. Which of her books would you recommend? Like I said, I've read The Pact, My Sister's Keeper and Perfect Match so far...

  3. You've got some really good books in your pile! I must say, I read Under the Dome towards the end of last year and it was pretty engrossing. I really enjoyed it. It seems like I tend to enjoy long books because I feel like I have more time with the characters before I have to say goodbye.

    I love seeing what people are reading. Thanks for sharing!

  4. ooh this just happened to me... I just figured out the whole "reserving books online" and got a little ambitious. Lucky me we have a 28 day rental period.

    I used to buy books ... a lot. Way too much. I never NEVER used the library. I guess going to one income will change A LOT about your habits :).

    Midwives and the Girl who Kicked the Hornets Nest are on my list... can't wait to hear how they are. I am reading My Life In Paris right now... and I would pass on that one.

  5. Glad to see you're still into the outlander series...I'm on book 4 right now. Probably won't start any other books until I'm done with this series. Then I have a whole bag of books my friend just dropped off for me! Can't wait!

  6. I really loved "Under the Dome." My favorite Stephen King book (actually, favorite all time book) is "The Stand." But "UtD" blew my mind!

  7. I liked Midwives! Stephen King is always easy and enjoyable, though.

  8. This is always my problem. There have been a few times over the past couple of years where I just get bombarded with library books that it gets so overwhelming

  9. I haven't read any of the, but Under the Dome sounds more interesting.

  10. I highly doubt that I have anything you haven't read, but I wanted to let you know I finished the Hunger Games trilogy this weekend! oh my gosh... SO good. like you, I was a little disappointed with Mockingjay, but loved the series as a whole.


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