Friday, February 25, 2011

Snippets + Advice

- First off, I'd love some advice from you other mamas--Lizzy has recently become an extremely picky eater. Her pediatrician warned me that this would probably happen as she got closer to 18 months because babies around that age apparently don't need as much food. See, sometimes I'll make something for dinner or lunch that Lizzy has previously had and eaten no problem, but lately, sometimes she'll just shake her head no, and won't even try it. I never have any idea what she will or will not eat, aside from bananas, which she would eat 10 of each day if I let her. Right now, if she doesn't eat, I don't make her something else (because who knows whether she would even eat that). I have her sit in her high chair while I/we eat, and then she can get down. But the problem is that I don't think she's eaten dinner all week (though she is still pooping/peeing plenty each day). What do you guys do if you have a picky eater? Do you make something else if they won't eat what you've ordered or prepared?


-I finished a baby blanket for my cousin and his wife who have a baby boy due next month. I knitted 4 strands of heavyweight yarn together with size 50 knitting needles. It is so thick and squishy! I would love to make a full size blanket like this for myself, but I think it would probably cost me an arm and a leg in yarn! Anyway, I'm having fun practicing all sorts of knitting stitches on baby blankets...and I'll have LOTS more opportunities--there are SIX moms in Mom's Group who are pregnant and due this spring!


-While most of you have been dealing with Snowpocalypse, we haven't had ANY, until yesterday, when we started getting little snow flurries. This morning, we have an inch or so. My parents have 5 inches or so, I bet. The funny thing? The schools are all on closures or delays!

-I think we're starting a family tradition of pizza Fridays. If you haven't seen it already check out Caroline's Pizza Dough Recipe from Emily @ imperfect. Simple and perfect pizza dough. Last time, I topped with leftover Caesar Chicken, Tomatoes, Spinach, Italian Herbs & Seasoning, and Feta Cheese. It was kind of delicious, and Lizzy actually ate a ton of it, so I'm not complaining. Tonight, J will get his beloved pepperoni, I'll probably do close to the same thing again.


-We've made it though 5 days of Insanity. I'm impressed with our perserverence, and the fact that we even got up at 4:45am yesterday to work out (it was the only time we had!) instead of just skipping it. That said, we are both nursing colds, and I seriously thought I was going to DIE during today's Pure Cardio session. One more session this week and then a rest day!


  1. My son is the pickiest eater on the planet. He's actually a vegetarian, cause he hates meat in any form, but will eat any fruit or vegetable I put in front of him.

    I've never forced my kids to eat. When I make something, I try to have at least one thing on the table I know everyone likes, and if they don't eat? They'll survive.

    Toddlers REALLY don't need a lot of food. As long as she's not substituting milk for food, I wouldn't worry about it. And if she's going to the bathroom without issue? You're good.

    Don't know that this helps, but that's what I've done.

  2. I have no first hand experience with a picky toddler eater, but in a mom's forum I've seen lots of moms have great things to say about the Happy Baby squeezable pouches. Evidently, they have fruit, veg and a grain in them, but taste like fruit so they're great for picky days.

    Keep up the great work on Insanity! Can you send me some of your motivation?

  3. I'm sorry Mer, I'm no help when it comes to picky eating. Isaac has always eaten virtually anything we put in front of him.

    Great work with Insanity! Super jealous of your dedication! I just couldn't do it in the morning.

  4. ryann usually ends up eating way more cheerios and goldfish than she would ever need in a day... oy.

    i am no help. she does seem to like the plum organics baby food now, so we try and give her a little of that each day so we know she is getting fruit and veggies. otherwise, I keep a box of turkey (i think it is called carving board or something) in the fridge, and sometimes I can get her to eat some of that. she usually hates anything I make which ticks me off a bit. :o)

  5. Pretty much every toddler I've known has been picky at some point, including mine. My doc always told me to keep offering healthy foods, fruits and veggies and they'll eventually come around.
    We have been doing pizza fridays too (ever since I got a KA mixer for my birthday). I actually like our homemade pizza better than Pizza Hut or wherever else we order from, but I'm still trying to get a perfect crust. I'll definitely try out that recipe! Yours looks so great.

  6. Oh, I'm glad the pizza dough recipe works for you! We made individual pizzas on Monday for friends - it's my go-to meal when we're having people over who don't eat certain things.

    No help on the food front except that what you're doing sounds logical. And that baby blanket looks SO soft and gorgeous.

  7. As my pediatrician put it, "Toddlers survive on dirt, air and water at this age" and I wouldn't be too worried about it as long as she gets fluids.

    I usually try to give Lily what we're having for dinner and if that doesn't work, I'll just scramble an egg for her. Sometimes she won't even take that tho.

    I've found that if I can get her to just eat a fruit cup or some multi-grain cheerios, I feel better. She's so picky!

    Good luck!

  8. I am so hungry for that pizza!

    With the food thing - they will eat when hungry. My pediatrician said if Eva starts skipping meals - then I can just rotate the foods when she is in the mood to eat. So if she keeps skipping dinner - then try dinner foods at another time. They said to just make sure to give her a good variety throughout the week - not day.

    And that blanket is gorgeous! Go you on insanity.

  9. The blanket looks amazing--comfy, soft, thick, great color! Win win win. Nice work. I remember when you taught me to knit...oh bother...what did I complete like 13-14 lines of crookedness? Haha

  10. Awesome job on the work outs!

    As for the eating thing. Maybe involve her in choosing kid snacks. If you have a bin available ( graham crackers, gold fish, etc) and let her choose since she is so independent. Also try not giving a snack right before dinner so she is more hungry for dinner? I don't have a kid, but I was a nanny for 8 years and these things helped.

    I wish I knew how to knit. I just haven't had the patience to learn. And yet I want a big fluffy blanket!

  11. That pizza looks DELISH!!! Great job on the Insanity!

  12. I've been told to not push the food issue with kids I and E's age cause they'll eat what they need. I offer Isaac what we are eating and if he eats it, awesome. If not, I try not to stress over it. I don't make him anything different though.

    One new thing is I've started making a green smoothie for both of us every morning and he's OBSESSED with it. Like, sucks it down and then screams for more. I'm gonna post about it next week, but basically, it's just strawberries, peaches, banana, milk, and lots of spinach. Maybe give that a try? It at least makes me feel like he's getting something good for him each day!

  13. Carolina has her ups and downs of pickyness, but as my Mom assured me, "Babies want to live, when she wants and needs to eat she will." It sounds like she's doing fine if what's going out of her hasn't changed. I won't reiterate the good advice already posted here, just do what they say and she'll be okay.

    P.S.: I was/am a super picky eater and I've lived to tell the tale so far :)

  14. Brayden is a very picky eater as well, only wanting yogurt, applesauce, string cheese, bananas, apples, and fruit snacks. That's it. Hates veggies. I tried cutting up cucumbers so they looked like fries- no dice. He will eat baked sweet potato fries, so I guess it could be worse. Just keep offering things to her- she will grow out of it.


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