Monday, December 3, 2012

Thanks, that was fun.

-It is currently 2:55am as I type this out on my phone. I haven't gotten to sleep yet at all because I'm feeding Rebecca...again. She won't sleep--not while nursing,  not in my arms, not laying next to me, not in her swing/bouncer/bassinet. I am so tired. Beyond tired...and I kind of want to punch Justin,  who is sleeping peacefully next to me, in the face. Justin helps a good amount at night, but there's really only so much he can do, and so that leaves me awake by myself quite often.

And being awake while the whole house is sleeping and you haven't really slept in weeks is a little maddening.

-That blood blister looking thing that Rebecca had? It was staph. Awesome. She seems to be fine now, but I'm a little shaken. Now, every time a little baby zit pops up, my first reaction is OH MY GOD...IS THAT STAPH?!

-On Saturday I had a fun family day planned with all sorts of holiday activities. We felt like Lizzy needed some extra attention and a fun family day where we weren't correcting and disciplining her constantly. We stopped at Costco on our way into town and ate pizza. As we finished eating,  Lizzy said, "I ate my pizza! And I ate my penny!"

Um,  what?

We called her pediatrician, who ordered xrays because apparently pennies made after 1982 are coated with zinc, which can erode the esophogus. And sometimes, kids don't start hurting/fussing until a few hours later if it is lodged in their throat 

So yeah. I was nursing Becca (shocker!) so Justin took her back for the xray, but he said you could see the penny clear as day. So now, she just has to wait for the penny to pass....YAY!

When we asked Lizzy about why she swallowed the penny, she said, "I wanted to be naughty."  So basically, she wanted extra attention...which being 2, she didn't understand was already PLANNED for the day. Oye.

I still don't know how she managed to swallow it without us noticing...

It was a hell of a week. But really, what can you do but laugh? Well...drinking margaritas would be a good option, but I'm out of tequila, so laughing will just have to do!

PS- Bonus points if you know where the title to this post comes from!


  1. Don't forget, no regrets ('cept maybe one)

    Did I get it right???

  2. i know the feeling! my newest little is almost 6 weeks this week and i have the same feelings of wanting to punch DH because he is just lying there sleeping not even stirring while i try to keep my eyes pried open after nursing him for the billionth time that night for what seems to be an hour at a time {last night i was feeding him on and off for two hours straight}. it sucks. i hope this phase passes quickly :(

  3. Ohhh friend. Hang in there. Extra prayers for you today!

  4. Of course it's Staph. And of course she ate the penny. Is this not the story of your life?? Jeez girl. I hope this week is better! Prayers for you, mama.

  5. Good lord, woman. All I can say is that I agree with your first statement whole heartedly and I want to punch my husband daily. AND? He is super helpful. In the middle of the night though? WHAT CAN HE DO when my kid wants a boob that HE DOES NOT HAVE. SO I dont bother to ask for help anymore.

    Sorry about the penny thing. My kid put a cashew in her nose today.....if it makes you feel better...? No?

  6. Oh gosh. :( How did she get a staph infection!? Praying for you all. I hope you can get some good rest this week. I wish I lived by you because I'd totally come watch the girls for a few hours so you could nap!

  7. I'm not laughing because it's not funny but only you would have a child who eats a freaking penny 'to be naughty'. WHAT?! You should write a book, seriously. Hugs, mama.

  8. The first year of my twins life i did not like my husband, and it came after him saying after i asked for help "Why can't you just do it yourself". um yeah. not so good with babies my man.

  9. Oh crap... infants vs. these toddlers/preschoolers/teenage-wanna-be's. Oh Mer. These days are the toughest - but it gets easier.


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