Wednesday, August 21, 2013

100 Questions. Two Minutes. Welcome to Three.

Everybody talks about the "terrible twos", but man...two has NOTHING on three. Not because three year olds are terribly bad (though sometimes they can be), but because three year olds don't stop talking. Like ever. This morning, Lizzy literally asked me 100 questions in a two minute span of time that I was sitting on the couch and nursing Becca. Actually, it was more like 300 questions in five minutes, but who has time to write down 300 questions?! 

Here's a two-minute glimpse into the life of a three year old:

1. Can I climb up the side fridge to get a yogurt?

2. Can I have breakfast yet?

3. Why can't I climb on these plastic boxes?

4. What if my teacher says it's okay to climb on these plastic boxes? You said that it's important to be a good listener.

5. Can I have breakfast yet?

6. Can I have a puppy?

7. Why don't puppies pee on the toilet? I absolutely want to potty train a puppy.

8. Can I have breakfast yet?

9. Can we go to Dairy Queen?

10. What if I am really hungry?

11. What if you are really hungry?

12. What if Aunt Courtney comes over and she is really hungry?

13. Why does my dad have nipples?

14. Would you love to get my breakfast right now?

15. Why doesn't your head reach the ceiling?

16. Does dad have a baseball game tonight?

17. Why does his team wear green?

18. Can today be a special day?

19. Can I watch Christmas Wiggles?

20. Can I watch Pocahontas?

21. Can I watch Handy Manny?

22. Can I watch My Little Pony?

23. Can I have breakfast yet?

24. Can trees talk?

25. Then why does the Grandma tree on Pocahontas talk?

26. Can I marry my cousin Logan?

27. Can I marry my cousin Logan when I'm 21?

28. Today are we going to church?

29. Where are we going today?

30. Do I have swim lessons today?

31. Can I PLEASE have a blueberry yogurt?

32. Why do I have boogers?

33. Will my bottom get bigger like yours?

34. Can I ask for a scooter for my birthday?

35. Can I ask for a puppy for my birthday?

36. How many days are there until my birthday?


38. Why don't you like oven pancakes?

39. Am I allergic to eggs?

40. Am I allergic to alligators?

41. Can I squirt water out of the fridge?

42. What if it's really hot out?

43. What if I clean it up?

44. What if it's an accident?

45. What if Leah {her imaginary friend} does it?

46. How old do I have to be to drink beard {beer}?

47. Can I eat dandelions?

48. Then why did Grandma Joyce say her dad made dandelion wine?

49. Why do children get energy when they are sleeping?

50. Would you really really love to get some breakfast for me?!

51. Why does Becca drink milk from your nipple and I drink milk from the fridge?

52. Why does my nose snort?

53. When can I wear my just-for-school shoes?

54. Is today a school day?

55. How many days until it is a school day?

56. Do I get to eat something at school?

57. Can Becca be three on her next birthday?

58. Why does Becca poop in her diaper?

59. Is she poopy now?

60. When will she be poopy again?

61. Can I have some frozen blueberries?

62. When are we going to buy a new car?

63. Can I ride bikes right now?

64. What if I put on shoes?

65. What if I put on a coat?

66. Can I have some exercise shorts that have underwear inside them?

67. Are we going to exercise today?


69. Can we go to Target?

70. Can we go to Wal-Mart?

71. Can we go to Taco Bell?

72. Can we go to the zoo? {We don't have a zoo}

73.  Did Aunt Karla's puppies open their eyes yet?

74. WHEN am I going to have breakfast?

75. Can I have some coffee today?

76. When can I drink coffee?

77. When can Becca drink coffee?

78. Are Daddy's Normans coming over today? {Recently, some Mormon Missionaries have been coming over and talking with Justin}

79. How old do you have to be to drive a car?

80. How old do you have to be to wear make-up?

81. How old do you have to be to like naps?

82. Do I have to take a nap today?

83. AFTER my nap, can we go to the Wal-Mart with a little potty?

84. Can we climb Table Rock?

85. Can I spend the night at grandma and grandpa's house?

86. Can I spend the night at my cousins' house?

87. Can everyone we know spend the night at our house?

88. Can we adopt my friend Shila-Lucy? She doesn't have a family to take care of her.

89. Can we adopt a puppy who needs a family to take care of her?

90. Can I have sprinkles for breakfast?

91. Can we go to Oh Maybe {Old Navy} and get a balloon?

92. Where is heaven?

93. You are really old and have a big bottom. How old are you?

94. Can I toot on you?

95. Can I toot on your foot?

96. Can I toot on Becca's foot?

97. Can I have some breakfast yet?

98.  Can I have popcorn for breakfast?

99. Would you please call me Elizabeth instead of Lizzy?

100. Why do people wear underwear?


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA this is awesome. I want to just record Annie 100% of the time a lot of days, because I need to show this to her later to make her understand just how much she talked. I know she won't believe me.

  2. OH MY goodness... I can totally relate and that's why it's hilarious!

  3. This is hilarious. She's a smart one, your Lizzy. Sorry, Elizabeth.

  4. I am totally with you on the 3s being so much more exhausting that the 2s. I, too, am SO TIRED of the questions and the incessant talking by, oh, 8:00 in the morning. And Eli doesn't even wake up until 7:30.

  5. This makes me exhausted and also cracks me up.

    #13 and 33 are my faves.That child of yours!!!!

  6. hey! i found you from the domestic wannabe a while back and loved following your preganancy since i wasn't that far behind you.
    first, these questions made me laugh out loud because i've been dealing with my own three year old issues (holycowthreeistheworstthingever) since my daughter just turned three last month. i just wrote on my own blog sometime earlier this week that there needs to be a support group for parents of three year olds. i swear i'm going to lose my mind!
    second, i also laughed out loud at daddy's normans and how crazy it is that your husband has been meeting with the missionaries. i'm mormon and i've thought from the beginning, ever since i started reading your blog, how you seem like you would love my faith (sorry that's phrased awkwardly, i hope i don't weird you out!) just because of your strong faith in jesus christ and commitment to your family and everything.
    aaaaannnnnndddddd my baby just woke up so i gotta go. enjoy your sunday!

  7. Ahhh so familiar and so hysterical. Eva still doesn't get why her daddy has nipples once I told her that no daddy could not feed a baby. I thought it was the most bizarre question ever... but alas it is the norm I see. Does Lizzy, I mean Elizabeth get angry when you try to answer her? Eva gets mad if I don't answer some questions but really ticked if I try and answer them all. No winning.


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