Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

I feel like life has been a whirlwind lately. I feel like we've been going and going non-stop, but yet when people say, "Oh, what have you been up to?!"...I have no real answer. I don't know what we've been up to really, just that it's been crazy!

Justin worked out of town for almost a week, in the midst of the crazy no-one-allowed-outside smoke. Not Allowed Outside + Solo Parenting = I Almost Lost My Shit On Day 2. So, we packed up and went to visit my parents for awhile.

Thank goodness for family nearby. That week was exhausting, and not one that I hope to have to repeat any time soon!

Becca's newest two tricks are "give snuggles" and "give kisses". I don't know if you've ever experienced a baby that's just learning to snuggle and kiss, but those suckers are AGGRESSIVE. And God-forbid that you try to reciprocate and hug back. No. That's not in her plan.

In the past week, I also celebrated a birthday! I had a great evening hanging with the family and having pizza. All of us have been busy lately, and it was just such a blessing to all actually be in the same place for once! It was truly a great day. And then that night, someone tried to steal our car.

I woke up in the morning, and saw our car left down the street and in the middle of the road. I still don't know how this happened, because we were both up most of the night with Becca. But it did. This meant that what was supposed to be a relaxing Friday was suddenly filled with sherrifs and fingerprinting and trying to make lists of what all was taken...because apparently, when he realized that he couldn't turn the steering wheel without keys, he got mad and loaded himself up with stuff from our car. I don't know if you've ever played that baby shower game where they bring out a tray of stuff for you to look at, and then a bit later they bring out another tray and you have to write down what's missing...but it was like that. There are a few things that you know are gone right away, but then you continue to find new things every day that you didn't even realize were gone until you needed to use them.

Like the Ergo (which we later found dumped in a field near our house). Or a cell-phone charger. Or a set of keys that the guy probably thought were house keys but weren't and will be of no use to him. Basically, nothing particularly valuable, but all stuff that we use a lot. I feel like every day we find something else, and it makes me SO MAD all over again. But yesterday takes the cake: we got to swim lessons, and discovered that Lizzy's goggles were gone.  WHAT KIND OF JERK STEALS A THREE YEAR OLD'S SWIM GOGGLES?! I mean, really.

Sigh. I'm over it. I'm over thinking about it, but I can't STOP thinking about it, because the police also mentioned that they may have an idea of who was involved, and it's someone who recently held someone at knifepoint. Oh, and he also likes to try and break in to people's houses WHILE THEY ARE HOME. Ugh. I've been battling some serious anxiety about all this.

Which brings me to the next thing... my sister-in-law's dog just had 11 puppies. The dad is a lab, and the mom is a rottweiler (I feel like we say "rottweiler", and people instinctively wince, but she's a super sweet dog). Justin has really been wanting to get a puppy, and I've been pretty on the fence, because I feel like a puppy needs nearly the same amount of attention that a kid does, and I'm not trying to get any less sleep and/or rest than I already do. On the other hand, Justin has pretty firmly argued that the best time to get a dog would be now, so that the dog and the kids can grow up together. The car incident has me leaning a bit more towards getting the dog , but honestly, I'm still just a bit worried. I just feel really overwhelmed and unable to keep up with the basics like dishes and laundry as it is, and I worry about adding anything else to the mix.

Other than that, there's been lots of baseball/softball, and that bumps up to twice a week starting this week.
I mean, I like seeing my husband's butt in baseball pants and all...but it would be nice to see his face occasionally too ;)

There's been some bad/ugly, but there's also been a lot of good, and hopefully some memories made. And I'm so thankful. 


  1. Have you ever had a puppy before? They are a lot of work! A lot of fun and joy but a lot of work. I just want to make sure that you are 100% sure about getting a dog before you take that commitment. If you feel like your life is moving fast now please think about if you have the time for another living creature/member of the family. I hate seeing families get a puppy then having to give them up because they don’t have the time/effort/money to put into them. Please make sure you have the time to train the dog. A lot of people think dogs just know not to go potty inside, walk on a leash or not to chew things and don’t properly train them, then they gets mad when the dog craps in the house. Well duh! You never taught it not too. Make sure Justin is able to be home to help you take care of the dog too. It may be easy for him to say he wants a dog but if most of the work falls on your shoulders while hes working then that’s no good for you. We just got a new puppy this year and it has been the best year ever. I have been in tears because its been so hard at times and but it has really been great. It has gotten us out of the house almost daily. We are always taking him on walks and hikes and he has really made our life more active. Sorry this is crazy long and kind of bossy. Im just a big dog lover and a big fan of your blog and know you always seem so busy. I know whatever you choose will be best for your family and for the dog!

    1. I hope my first comment doesn’t come off as being negative! I just have to give my little rant to ANYONE thinking about getting a dog. I do feel so much safer with my dog in the house...although I think he would just try to cuddle someone trying to break in :) I also think Lizzy and the puppy would have a blast running around outside together. Hopefully they would tire each other out.

    2. That's exactly it Maggie--we've talked about getting a dog several times over the past few years (we do want a dog or two eventually), but have so far decided that we just weren't able to devote the time or energy that we think is necessary to train a dog and give it the continued attention that it deserves.

      I realize now that it may seem like a rash decision based on this post (like we're thinking of getting a dog just because of the break in), but it's actually something that we've talked about on and off for quite awhile, we're just trying to make sure that the timing is really right!

    3. That so smart of you! We waited about 2 years before we decided we were ready to get a dog. We did the dog first and will hopefully have a baby within the next year. I figure its easier to train a dog than "train" a baby haha

  2. I just adore your girls. Even though there's drama involved ;)

    So sorry about the car! I swear, what in the world is wrong with people?!

    Also? Just my opinion - but puhhhlease don't get a dog right now. Friendly advice :)

  3. Agree with other comment that dogs are work. And they do take training. And are expensive with shots and all at first and then it's yearly. But they are loving and eventually (when they get bigger) will help you feel safer. My dogs wouldn't hurt anybody but they sure sound scary. And my daughter loves our dogs! A tough decision for sure.

  4. Ugh. I don't blame you. I would be SO stressed out about that car stuff. Heck, I've never experienced anything like this (thank God), and I still always have in the back of my mind that ohmygosh, someone could break in at any second, and when Jarrod is on third shift, I don't know what I'd do!? (Who thinks of these things unnecessarily?) I can't imagine if something happened to make these thoughts worse. I'm so sorry, mama. Absolutely pathetic about all that he took, too.

    At least you had a nice birthday!? :)

  5. Mama, I seriously applaud you. It seems like you are solo parenting a ton and here I am complaining when Jim's gone for 48 hours. (Hangs head in shame). And I'm really sorry about your car. I'd be livid too! Jerk face. I hope they find the loser. Hang in there!

  6. Still can't believe that happened to you! Ugh!!

    Here's my two cents on the puppy thing (as if you asked for it.. ha!)

    Having a puppy in our home has been amazing. Yes, it's A TON of work, but kennel training her has saved my sanity. She *LOVES* her kennel, and I love it too, especially on the days when she's too rowdy for my sake or whatever the case may be. We decided to go for it because we didn't have any babies in the house (just a 4&2 year old), so that would be my only concern for you... especially with sweet Becca girl still not sleeping well. :)

    I know you guys will do what's right for your family!! Good luck sweet friend!

  7. Oh man, what a time you've had lately, girl!!

    LOL at the husband's butt in baseball pants comment.

    Got mad FOR you all over again about the random car stealing incident. WTF??

    Puppies are a butt ton of work if you are willing to 'work' on it, like some previous posters said. I love our dog but I'm so, so glad we got him BEFORE kids just because we had the time and energy to devote to him back then. That said, if you do get a dog I'm sure you could handle it....I'd just expect even less blog posts and that would make me sad;)

  8. OK the car thing has ME all riled up. I am SO so sorry you had to go through that. I can relate to the single parenting thing, as I did 13 days here not too long ago. The worst. And please PLEASE don't get a puppy. We had 2 cats BEFORE we had kids, and last spring, the cats had to go. I couldn't keep up with the mess, their needs, the kids needs and being a wife and mom. It just was TOO MUCH.

    But I won't hate you if you DO get one! I totally see your points! :)

  9. So sorry to hear about the car! That's super frustrating. :-( Having a dog would probably definitely alert you to anyone outside that isn't supposed to be! Ours make sure we know if there's the slightest intruder - usually of the cat or raccoon variety. Just keep in mind that if you have homeowner's insurance (or even renter's insurance for that matter), a lot of companies have issues with rottweilers because they're considered a "vicious" dog breed. Along with pit bulls, akitas, chows, wolfhounds... you know, all the really protective ones, lol.


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