Thursday, February 27, 2014

Makin' It Work

Today, I'm over at Julia's blog participating in a series called Moms Make It Work. You can click on this image to go to all the Moms Make It Work posts, which of course, you should do. And you should ESPECIALLY scroll on past mine to read an amazing post from Julia's Memaw. Seriously, every single person who has posted thus far has had some great words of wisdom about how moms in a variety of positions "make it work", and they are *all* worth a read.


All that said, it feels sort of hilarious that I'm guest posting on this topic, because I've definitely been feeling like I am just barely making it work lately.

Just barely clinging on to no-spend February and our budget.

Just barely squeezing in a 9pm.

Just barely staying awake as we're listening to the Frozen soundtrack for the 100th time. That day.

Just barely finishing editing photo sessions in my promised timetable.

Just barely able to converse about anything non-kid related. 

Just barely able to keep up with laundry. {Who am I kidding, I'm never caught up with laundry.}

I mean, you should have SEEN the chaos that even taking a family photo for the guest post entailed. I seriously almost cried. At one point, I think Justin suggested that I send Julia a stick figure drawing. He was like, "And then you can use it in your post as an illustration of how you didn't make it work this time. Julia wants the real life!"

Thanks babe.

But he's right. I don't think any of the moms who have posted so far will mind me saying alive, there are times when it just doesn't feel like we're making it work very well, if at all. Things don't go as planned. Life happens. And I have the tendency sometimes to feel like if it isn't Pinterst worthy, or if it didn't happen easily, then I didn't "make it work".

But I don't think that's the point, is it? Maybe the point is just doing the best that we can, even if that best is just a stop through the drive thru, or popping on a movie for the kids while we do a load of dishes uninterrupted (why do ALL toddlers climb on the dishwasher while you're trying to unload it?!). Maybe making IT work really just means making SOMETHING work, whether it's what you had originally planned or not.

Give yourself some grace, and I'll try to do the same :)

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  1. Yes. To it all. Keeping it real is the point! We all struggle, it's not perfect, but here we are---still trucking. ;)

    Love the honesty , mere. So important.


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