Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Girls Right Now

The other day, we were playing blocks when I grabbed my camera and asked both girls to "model" for a photo. I totally let them run with whatever that meant to them, and I just happened to get a series for both girls that I thought captured each of their personalities perfectly. And so, along with the photos, I just wanted to give a quick update on both girls and what they're up to as well, because it has been too long.


-Turned 4 in January, but often tells people that she's "almost five".
-Is going to preschool two days a week.
-Has informed me that she's having a summer party, which is NOT a slumber party, though everyone who comes to her summer party will spend the night. I am in charge of making a quilt for everyone and also the food.
-Wants to listen to the Frozen soundtrack 100 times a day.
-HATES broccoli.
-Is starting to talk back and have some serious attitude sometimes. 
 -If she gets sent to her room for a timeout, she sing cries. She'll cry for a minute, and then sing, "I don't want to clean up toooyyyssssss!" Then cry for another minute before singing, "I just want to play all daaaaaayyyyyyy." Thank you Frozen, for this one.
-Is really sweet with Becca 95% of the time. 
-Could probably really benefit from some one-on-one "dates" with mom and dad.
-Is zero percent shy, and 100% spunky, in the best way possible.

-Is 15 months old.
-Can eat more than everyone in the family, except maybe Justin.
-Just had her bottom two molars finally pop through, hallelujah!
-Is a total bruiser. One of her favorite things to do is to push Lizzy over and jump on top of her, or else grab on to her clothes and pull her all around the house, usually resulting in lots of crying and hysterics from Lizzy, which Becca just seems to think is absolutely hilarious. 
-Enjoys giving "loves", but is really super aggressive about it--smooshing her face into us as hard as possible. -Is still a total mamma's girl, and often screams and cries hysterically if anyone else (including Justin) is holding her. Unless she's offered a cookie. Then she's totally fine. Stinker.
-Is starting to sing songs. Her favorites are Wheels on the Bus, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and Let It Go (from Frozen)
-Actually knows a lot of words, though our families probably wouldn't believe it--she tends to be very quiet out in public, or else just grunts rather than actually using the words she knows.
-Loves to play "getcha getcha" and peekaboo.
-Likes to read Llama Llama Red Pajama.
-ALWAYS takes off one shoe in the car. I've been hit in the head with flying shoes several times, and we've also lost several shoes when driving with the windows open.
-Is really starting to develop her own personality and sense of humor this month!


  1. Theo has hit me in the back of the head a few times with his shoe! He takes off his socks too. Your girls are so spunky! Love these series of photos!

  2. So so sweet! They look so much alike, but are also so uniquely themselves. Also, nice to know that my toddler is not the only one who takes a shoe or two off in the car!

  3. I love these pictures and the descriptions of the girls. Whoo-boy, two characters there! Becca's first picture made me giggle and I love that Lizzy says she is almost five already.


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