Sunday, September 28, 2008


Man, it has taken a LOOONNNGGG time of looking at Rate My Space to find possible house inspiration pictures. Everything I find is okay, but none of them really scream my name. Our color palate is dark brown, tan, blues, and greens. They are the palate because that's what we've already got, and also because that's what Justin and I tend to both agree on. Plus, those are really the only colors that I like with dark brown, and our couch is dark brown leather, so there you have it.

Justin has done a fantastic job talking with our real estate guy this weekend. We gave him a list of other houses we're interested in looking at--one is very similar to the house-house, but is a 2 bed/ 2 bath. Not ideal, but that would definitely be okay. The second house is a very interesting one...and I think the one that Justin and I are both most excited to see. It's a 1950's house, but sitting on OVER AN ACRE! The house probably needs some TLC, but if there aren't any major roof, foundation, or electrical issues, I think we're probably up for the job. The only trick is that it's a short sale owned by JP MORGAN (who apparently now also owns our bank), and our real estate guy says JP Morgan doesn't often agree to pay closing costs. My point of view is that it doesn't hurt to ask. How cool would it be to have over an acre? Sure, the grass is all dingy now, but it could be beautiful someday, and there's lots of room for expansion. Heck we could even split the lot, sell it, and still have a half acre.

Of course, I'm totally getting ahead of myself here. We haven't even seen pictures of the interior, let alone been inside...though hopefully we will be tomorrow :) I'll let you all know how it goes. We're also keeping our eye on several that didn't sell as short sales, and haven't come back onto the market as bank owned yet, but should in the next week-2 months.

In other news, I've got cheesy beer bread in the oven, and I think I'm going to make potato soup to go with it for dinner. Justin and I spent the afternoon watching Baby Mama, which was hilarious. Also, spoke with a radio DJ from up north, and it sounds like Justin's band could be getting some radio play time as early as next Sunday. It would just be for a college radio station, but that's better than nothing!


  1. I love that first pic, so soothing.

  2. Those are fun inspiration pics! And I'm so excited for you to see that 1950's house! If you're anything like Tony and I there is nothing more rewarding than having a piece of land! I hope the bread and soup were delish!


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