Monday, September 15, 2008


Wow! Things are moving along quickly! We just met with a mortgage broker this morning, and are already off to look at houses this afternoon! We called up a real estate agent, thinking we'd just be coming into his office to chat. He said that he'd rather just show us a few houses in our price range, and get a feel of what we like and don't like that way. Oh my gosh, I'm excited!

Even better, as long as we buy outside the urban growth boundary (which is pretty much where we were looking anyway), we qualify for no down and a kick but interest rate--like 5%!

Things always seem to work like this for Justin and I. We research, research, research, and then all of a sudden--BOOM--we buy one of the first things we look at. That's what happened with our apartment, our couch, AND our car.

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