Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lizzy Photos (and a few snippets)

I've mentioned before that Lizzy is becoming quite a little ham. She loves to be the center of attention, and definitely knows how to be silly enough to get it! She also clearly knows about cameras now, and if she's seated/trapped where she can't walk away, she will smile and totally ham it up:

faces of liz

IMG_3160Align Center

Also, I think I have mentioned this before, but she is SUPER into Pat the Bunny lately. If you're a momma of toddlers and don't have this book, I HIGHLY recommend it and see it at Target often. Lizzy already knows all the actions, and can read the book by herself for hours. Isn't the last picture of her "smelling the flowers" the cutest.thing.ever?!


-In other news, thank you guys for your words of encouragement yesterday. Honestly, it's still a daily battle to not freak out and just to TRUST, but I'm trying to keep my head. We really appreciate the prayers, and everything else.

-I'm reading Outlander, as you may have gathered from the sidebar. Holy lord, there's a lot of Scottish sex. I feel kind of like I'm reading a Danielle Steel romance novel....but I haven't stopped reading it yet!

-Our house is a total disaster. Between trying to cram in workouts and frantic headband making into any available nap time, the house is suffering. The fact that we haven't really been home much this week (and won't be) doesn't help. Friday was supposed to be our night at home, but my mom's group is having a craft night, and I am considering going--I definitely have some crafts to work on, and they're also having a kid's clothing and toy swap. Lizzy is just starting to need 12 month clothes, and we could definitely use a few more things. I'm thinking this swap is a definite blessing, even though I would MUCH rather snuggle up on the couch with my sweet husband all night at catch up on Glee and other TV shows.

-I am terrified that Lizzy is getting her molars. I've heard that they typically come in around the one-year mark, but Lizzy already has 8 teeth, and she's acting like she's teething again (super fussy, grainy gross poop, drool city, sticking her fingers waaayyyy back in her mouth and chewing, hysterical if I try to feel for teeth, intermittent crying while taking her bottle, middle of the night screaming, etc). Ugh.

-Also, other mommas out there....have any of your kids been diagnosed with seasonal allergies? I am almost positive that Lizzy has them. She gets all the same symptoms that I do when mine are particularly bad, and my general practitioner even commented that she looks like she has allergies. But our pediatrician keeps insisting that kids cannot have allergies their first year of life. Frankly, I think that's bull....


  1. Oh I LOVE Outlander! I hope you stick with it, the whole series is just wonderful and so well written.

  2. I'm thinking Jaxon might get "Pat the Bunny" for Christmas.....

    I love Lizards pigtails! :)

  3. We have Pat the Bunny! It was one of my favorites, but has yet to really have great appeal here.

    I LOVE Lizzie's hair! So, soo cute!

  4. she is sooooooo cute. and i'm gonna have to remember that book- always on the look out for books for mine.

  5. I have never read Outlander... hmm I have added to my list!

    Have you ever had your allergies tested? Seasonal allergies (pollon type) usually take a few seasons to appear. Other allergies can appear sooner (food, skin, pets, etc...) But allergies are thought to be passed on to our kids in many cases.

    This is also the time of year, and with babies who put EVERYTHING in their mouth, or touch it and eat their fingers, multiple colds one right after another are common. Eva has had a runny nose, cough, on and off for the last month. It is driving me nuts!

    Hang in their!

  6. She is adorable! :)

    I loved Outlander. I just recommended it to a coworker last week. I haven't gotten into the whole series yet because it's difficult to get the remaining books from my library. :(

  7. Lizzy reading is just the cutest thing!

    Brayden got his molar earlier than 12 months and it SUCKED. He loved popsicles, ice, and Orajel. And he doesn't have seasonal allergies but I DO think that kids can have them before they are a year old. I would get a second opinion.

  8. Love her smelling the flowers!! So cute.

    Isaac is going through the exact same thing regarding teething. Gross poop, hands way back in his mouth, screaming in pain. :( I hate it.

    And forgive me, but in regards to allergies, I think your pedi is a nut. Isaac had some seasonal allergies at the beginning of the fall and our doctor didn't even blink an eye about it - acted like it was totally normal and gave us some benedryl.

  9. what a cutie pie!!! great pictures :)


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