Wednesday, December 15, 2010


- Justin got a Shake Weight at his company's White Elephant exchange. It is hilarious. Even more hilarious? It's actually a killer workout!

- We're doing a cookie exchange tomorrow at Mom's group, and I honestly have no idea what I'm going to make. I was going to make brownies and top them with this cream cheese and caramel fruit dip that I make, but then I realized that the dip/frosting really needs to be refrigerated, and that's just a pain in the butt. So, I'd love suggestions for an easy but unique, nut-free cookie recipe. I need two dozen, and probably won't be able to start making them until 8pm. So, basically, I need something unique and delicious, but also easy. Tall order, no?

-I made Justin's Christmas present yesterday, and I really want to blog about it, but he reads this blog sometimes, so I can't just yet. But remind me to blog about it after Christmas--Lisa and Kait, I'm talking to you!

- Lizzy has been *so cute* lately. She's becoming more coordinated, and constantly does the "round and round" from Wheels on the Bus. I love that she'll do the motion once or twice and then applaud herself and say "Yay!". Also, she adores all her cousins, but she is especially enamored with Payton right now, and constantly walks over to the side of our fridge where Payton's school picture is, grins, and yells "PAY-PAY!!"  Lizzy doesn't know it yet, but I'm taking her to watch Payton and the school kids sing Christmas carols later today. She's going to be so excited :)

- I cannot believe that Christmas is next week. Ridiculous.


  1. i like to make these for cookie exchanges, they are an inside out chocolate chip cookie. its a chocolate cookie with white chocolate chips!

    let us know what you decide to make!

  2. I made some Rice Krispie cookies a while ago that I blogged about. They were super easy and really good. I used peanut butter chips in them and skor bits.

  3. Check out my blog! The ones I did yesterday were fabulous and easy...peanut butter, wait-no nuts, hmm...

  4. head over to she has TONS of cookie recipes that are really tasty!

  5. -LOL! Jesse and I always laugh at that every time it's on the TV!

    -What about good old classic sugar cookies or chocolate chip? I'm not a fancy cookie person =/

    -I cannot wait to hear more about the Christmas present :)

    -Miss. Lizzy, you are growing wayyyyy too fast! We miss you pretty little girl!

    -Christmas is next week?! Crap! I still need to get a gift for Jesse! Crap again!

  6. Choclate shortbread thumbprints:

    Just leave out the pecans and you're good.

  7. I just read a blog and found a yummy, super easy recipe for pumpkin fudge.
    go to

  8. You MADE his present? Oo, can't wait to hear about/see it!


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