Monday, December 13, 2010


On December 1st, I blogged about the money crunch we were experiencing this month. It was one of the first times this year that we've experienced questions about how to pay our basic bills, let alone food or gas {Justin is not on salary--he's an hourly employee that is also partially commission based}.

I blogged about my internal battle of knowing that when we follow the path that God calls us on, our needs will be provided for, but the battle of actually waiting on the Lord, and trusting for that to happen. It is so hard for me to sit patiently and wait sometimes. Sometimes, it is so hard for me to trust, even though I do believe.

Therefore, do not be anxious, saying, "What shall we eat?" or "What shall we drink?"  or "What shall we wear?" For the Gentiles seek after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them all. ~Matthew 6: 31-32 

I am so excited to write this post, because the ways in which we have experienced provision in these past two weeks have been humbling and absolutely awe-inspiring for me:
  • I was able to participate in a craft fair, and made a modest amount selling headbands. I was then invited to participate, free of charge, into a second "shopping night", where most of the participants were young moms, and made an average of  $17 an hour {it's especially important for me to look at the hourly breakdown, because at the onset of the initial "Crunched" post, I was contemplating looking for a part-time retail type job, that likely would have paid minimum wage. I did not think that this was what God wanted, but I wasn't entirely confident in His ability to provide for our needs at that time}. 
  • The weather over the weekend was spectacular, and I was able to do a pending photo shoot.
  • My parents gave us an incredible monetary gift, saying that they were "paying it forward" from a time when their parents had done the same. 
  • Justin's parents gave all their kids our Christmas present early this year, which was part of a grass-fed cow, split four ways. What a brilliant gift!
  • So many friends, many who aren't aware of our financial situation, have dropped off Christmas presents for Lizzy.
  • I've had several instances in which people who have no clue about our financial situation have spontaneously given us things--whether it's one of the older ladies at church giving us the leftover chili from the lunch at the craft bazaar, or the mentor couple from Bible Study saying that they have a huge bag of their granddaughter's old clothes that are Lizzy's current size, and asked if we accept second-hand clothes (um, yes!).
  • For the first time ever, we actually received formula samples and checks in the mail. One of them was a $12 check, for the exact type of formula that Lizzy usually uses.
These are just a few examples of the way we've experienced provision in the past two weeks. It has been such a good lesson for me that God will provide, just not always in the ways that I anticipate--for example, I thought that most of our monetary need would be answered in the form of a Christmas bonus for Justin, which they typically receive the Friday before their Christmas party (which was this past weekend). But Friday came and went without a check. Even though that opportunity didn't arise this year, so many others that I would never have anticipated did, and our needs have been met. God is so good.

Will Justin and I be getting each other lavish gifts for Christmas? No. We *might* do small stockings for each other, depending on how things go. But our fridge is full, we have gas in our cars, and we were able to get the little kids in our lives small Christmas gifts. Our needs, and even a few of our wants, have been provided for.

It sounds so bizarre, but I am actually really thankful for our money crunch this month, because it's re-framed things for me. It's made Christmas cookies and buying a yearly ornament for Lizzy feel like the special treats that they truly are, rather than givens.

Thank you guys for your prayers and encouragement these past few weeks. My heart is so full.


  1. I love this post, Meredith. And I am so glad that you choose to share your inner battles with the rest of us.

    At this time last year, I had no job and we could not buy gifts for people because we did not have the money. It was no fun. But we had food on the table and good family and friends to keep us company. My husband had a good job and for that, I was very thankful.

    After a 10 month financial struggle, God provided me with the perfect opportunity in the working world. And although things are much better financially and I have more pep in my step this winter, I will NEVER forget that struggle. It made me appreciate every bit of my life SO.MUCH.MORE.

    So thanks and merry Christmas to you!

  2. We have a huge "rock pile" of times when God came through for us! Considering Robert lost his job almost 2 years ago and we haven't gone without. It's all walking in faith, not by sight...because if we could, then we'd take the credit ourselves. Glory goes all to Him!

    So fun to blog about it...and you can go back and look at it if times get tough again!

  3. Hi Meredith,
    I just posted this morning.

    Please let me know what size of clothes/type (winter, summer, spring) shoes you may need. I have tons and tons of totes of clothes saved. I'd like to send you a package.

  4. What a marvelous follow-up! Thanks so much for letting us know our prayers for you were answered. Love!

  5. This is wonderful news Meredith! I am a firm believer in hand-me-downs, and I've had to purchase so little for him thanks to that and gifts. Would you let me know what king of formula Lizzie uses? I get those checks in the mail every once in a while too, and would love to keep an eye out for you!

  6. It's always amazing to me how God takes care of us when we need it most. My husband and I have had a lot of those moments over the last 9 months, and there are times where I really worry whether we'll be okay one week to the next, but God's always there to provide something to help us out (and many times even when I'm being stubborn towards Him!)

    I'm happy to hear you're being taken care of and that things are working out!

  7. Glad To read this post!
    You inspire me to keep on fighting
    and you show me that faith always leads us to Grace.
    Thanks for sharing Mer!

  8. I am literally reading this in tears.

    You have no idea what an incredible example of faith you and Justin are to Jesse and I. NO idea.

    I have been thinking about and praying for you guys for the past couple of weeks. I hope that this Christmas (however big or small) is a wonderful one for your family of three.

    We love you guys!

  9. gave me chills.

    God is so good and always has us in his best interest.

  10. I enjoy reading your blog. What a beautiful post.

  11. how awesome! If you get a chance, let me know what kind of formula. I cant promise anything, but I get formula checks from several different brands from time to time that I would be more than happy to send your way(if you are comfortable with that) if you would like them. Jack doesnt use formula so they are wasted on me, I would love to be able to have someone benefit from them!

  12. Warms my heart to read this, Meredith. Thank you so much for posting. I love reminders of God's awesome provisions!!

  13. This is such an inspiring and uplifting post! God is full of miracles...

  14. Good to hear! God definitely rewards his children for relying on Him in hard times, and in good.
    I heard a saying on a Christian radio station the other day that "God hasn't given us the tools we need to face tomorrow, because tomorrow is not here yet." It's so true!

  15. Awesome Mer!!! Cows are great gifts...we bought 1/4 of one and it was great.

  16. mere,
    thank you for sharing so candidly. i LOVE this. i love that when we are vulnerable ... we not only allow others to see that they are not alone (i think we feel so isolated in our financial struggles) but we open ourselves to be part of the BODY ... giving and receiving.
    like you, i've been on the humbling and overwhelmingly grateful end of provision, and there is nothing like it ... to shape, refine, teach and grow me.
    thanks for sharing,

  17. Absolutely beautiful Meredith. Thank you so much for sharing HOW. Too often I forget.


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