Monday, February 6, 2012


I'm going through that blogging funk that we all go through at some time or another--you know, where you want to write something interesting, and profound, and real, but all you can seem to come up with are a bunch of snippets, book reviews, and funny stories that sort of capture what you're thinking, but not really.

I'm pretty certain that it may be directly related to the fact that I haven't actually used my camera for the love of it in several weeks. I know it's not true, but around this time of year, I always feel like there is nothing to take pictures of--no fall leaves, no flowers yet, often no sun. I'm sure the beauty is still there...I just may need to make a concerted effort to find it.

I have several half-posts floating around in my head. I want to show you our new blue walls (which I LOVE), but I don't have any photos yet, and the living room isn't quite how I'd like it yet...and I'm still holding out hope that it may get there eventually. We'll see.

I want to talk about baptism, because I feel like this is something that I'm constantly being asked to debate--both online and in real life. People want to know why Lizzy was baptized and not dedicated. They want to know whether I was dunked or sprinkled. They want to debate about whether one baptism is enough or whether if you really mess up, whether I think you might need another. I've wanted to post about this, but honestly, I get frustrated with these debates...I feel like sometimes we forget that it's God doing the work in baptism and not us. 

I want to blog about how I'm still feeling a little nervous, excited, worried, conflicted, thrilled, and 1,000 other emotions about some of the things Justin and I have been talking about lately in terms of this next year and what it will bring for us...but I'm not totally sure how to put it all into words.

I want to talk about budgeting, and how well it's working for us right now, but I'm not sure what I can really say when I still have the very strong urge to RUN to JC Penney and their new 40% lower prices and shop with abandon...while putting it all on my credit card.

Aaaaaannnndddd...I have no idea how to wrap up this particular post, so I'll just leave it as it is, and ask for your patience as I wade through the funk :)


  1. <3 Sending prayers of enlightenment your way!

  2. I'm right there with you lady... wanting to give up but something keeping me there.

  3. Oh I totally get that! My friend used the term "On Hold" today, and that summarized everything. So many little things just pending or waiting or part of a project finished, or just half-and-half situations... Yep. Maybe it's a February thing. I can't wait to see the walls, I'm so excited that you get blue walls! I want blue walls!

  4. I don't mind your "funk" and don't think I would have noticed it if you hadn't said anything. I love reading your posts.

  5. I know how that goes! Usually it helps for me to just sit down and start writing, even if it isn't perfect and I have to go back and edit later, but it's so hard if I can't think of anything to write about in the first place! So at least you have a few ideas. :-)

  6. I was JUST in that SAME funk. Those posts will come! :) I ended up making a few title drafts then just filling in the post later when I felt like it. :)


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