Thursday, November 8, 2012

30 Days of Thankfulness: Days 1-7

Day 1: I'm thankful that my kiddo isn't old enough yet to 
realize that I'm totally eating her Halloween candy.

Day 2: Thankful for coffee and a new kind of creamer!

Day 3: Thankful for little moments of rest and relaxation after Lizzy goes to bed.

Day 4: Thankful for snuggles with my sweet sleeping girl, and the first nap in a WEEK!

Day 5: So thankful for a little glimpse of what our backyard will look like next summer--
definitely worth the wait!

Day 6: Thankful for a great nurse who made the failed L&D trip a little more bearable--at one point, we realized that she and I went to the same high school not too far apart, and she promptly said, "Let's talk more about that once my hand isn't up your vagina!" And I thought Justin was going to DIE of laughter.

Day 7: Thankful for a husband who reads Dr. Seuss 
(with better voices than I could ever manage!) to our kiddo.


  1. LOL at the nurse! What a great thankful week. NOW COME OUT OF THERE, BABY!!!!!

  2. Ohhh, that coffee creamer looks delightful! Simple pleasures :)

  3. Omg, day 6? Freaking hilarious!!!

  4. HAHAHA! That nurse sounds awesome! But hopefully that little one comes soon!


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