Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pregnancy #2: 38 weeks

38 weeks
Not a great photo of either Lizzy or I, but taking another seems like too much work! 
Here's 38 weeks with Lizzy:

Well, if you would have asked on Tuesday whether or not I'd still be here today, I'd have told you probably not. I'd just been to see my OB and found out I was dilated to just about a 4. The doc did a membrane sweep, and I'd been having contractions, spotting, mucous-y discharge (tmi for you yet?) and such. In general, I was experiencing all those signs that they tend to tell you to associate with early labor signs, and I was thinking this show was getting on the road, and soon.

And then, all the contractions pretty much stopped. Done. Fin. And that's pretty much where things are at now. If I'm up, walking around and such, I'm having contractions I had one seriously uncomfortable solid hour-long contraction yesterday while we were out trick-or-treating...but they never really settle into any sort of timetable, and as soon as I sit or lay down? They taper right back off.

So that's where things are at with me. And also, I am excessively irritable and grumpy. Everything ticks me off, even stuff that I don't want to tick me off or really shouldn't. being royally grumpy and ticked about everything a sign of impending labor? Please tell me that it is. Because yesterday, I almost screamed at the receptionist at my OB's office for calling to reschedule my next week's appointment. I was mad at the Fed Ex truck for parking outside our house to deliver a package elsewhere. I was mad that I ran out of heartburn medicine, because it's something that we literally never use except for when I'm pregnant, and who wants to go buy a whole new bottle now (I didn't, and I won't)?! I cried telling Justin that it feels like I am going to be pregnant forever, even though I know in my head that there's really only about two weeks left, which is nothing. I'd cry if I had contractions yesterday. I'd cry if I didn't have contractions yesterday. Seriously, if it happened, I found some way to be mad about it or cry about it. Heck, I even got irritated when my mother-in-law said she'd come over on Saturday to clean the bathrooms for us. Which is obviously an amazing thing and a huge blessing, but I was ticked. Not at her, but at the fact that I've been asking Justin to help me with that same task for months (literally), and now he probably won't because his mom is coming to do it and  he knows it. But I still want him to clean the stupid bathrooms because I asked him to and I want him to follow through on all the times in the last few months that he has said yes but hasn't actually done it, and not to mention the helping me with the bathrooms was a stipulation of all the stupid softball and baseball games all summer and I don't CARE if it is Friday and then his mom comes again and cleans them on Saturday...I STILL WANT HIM TO CLEAN THE STUPID BATHROOMS DARNIT! When really, does it matter who cleans the bathrooms as long as they are clean? Nope. It shouldn't. And that drives me nuts because I feel a little like Jekyll and Hyde--I know I'm being a little bit crazy and that this is probably the hormones talking, but I can't stop. And I'm still legitimately mad about the silly little stuff, even if I don't want to be. Even though I can still see that from the outside, this is really all a little humorous.

I'm also starting to freak out a little bit about being dilated to a 4 already. I was dilated to a 4 when we got to the hospital with Lizzy, and I had her less than 4 hours later...and you know what they say about second babies going more quickly! I keep praying that if my water breaks this time, it happens either at night when Justin is home, or while he's working at a job-site close by. Because really, I have no desire to drive myself to the hospital with Lizzy in tow...and I don't have a ton of time to wait for someone to come here either!

Other notables: 
-Weight gain has stayed the same at right about 25 pounds
-The belly has definitely dropped this week--it's now actually measuring smaller if you can believe it!
-Also? Leaking colostrum. So that's interesting. 
-I've been getting crazy leg cramps in my upper thighs, which the doctor said are a result of her being so low already.
-The exercise ball is my best friend right now...not just for getting contractions going, but it feels so good on my sore hips and back.
-Weird but true...I feel like I don't really want to leave the house!


  1. That baby is coming soooooon!!!

    I laughed at your bathroom rant only because I'd be the exact EXACT same way ;) CLEAN THE BATHROOM, JUSTIN! (Does he read your blog ;))

  2. Yea, agree--baby is coming soon ;) And also---you have gotten lower, lady.

  3. So . . . it's more like 50% crazy, not 300% crazy. ;) I'd be PISSED about the bathrooms situation. And, eek to the dilated to a 4, just like Lizzy, 4 hour labor. I don't remember that part at all, so I was super excited you were at a four!

  4. ah yes, just saw this update. I really think all of your symptoms---both mental and physical---are SO normal for the end of pregnancy. I hope for your sake baby girl comes before her due date!! Hang in there!

  5. Oh, girl. I'm hoping and praying for an announcement ASAP. I remember that icky "I'M DONE!" feeling, and I don't blame you for being irritable. Not one bit.

    And dude. I was leaking colostrum the day I got a positive test! Crazy.

    SO SOON. SO, SO SOON! :) :)

  6. I am so glad i found your blog. I am almost 39 weeks pregnant with my second child. My son is 4 and his pregnancy was NOTHING like this one. My water broke at 37 weeks and I never really went into labor. this time i'm having contractions and dilating and pretty much going thru everything that you are going thru. It comforts me a little to know someone else is going thru the same struggles. I am currently home on Maternity leave, going nuts waiting for this little one to arrive. I too wish my water would just break so I knew for sure s/he was coming. (we didn't find out what we were having). Also if i hear one more person ask what i am still doing here or why i haven't had this baby yet I may BLOW!!
    I wish you the best of luck with your new arrival and look forward to keep following your blog.

  7. Good luck! I'd be irritated as well. Heck I'm only 23 weeks and irritated at everything:) I'd say it is just the lovely pregnancy hormones raging. My sister with her third was 4 cm and not in the hospital. My doctors send people home to when they are four and not in active labor. They said they are sure the baby will not fall out. You are so close!!!

  8. I have been SUPER, SUPER irritable too! I am 41 weeks I sure hope it is a sign labor will begin soon!!!!!

  9. Ugh, I know how you feel. That is how i was the last month of my pregnancy with Ben and the last week was awful. I was the grouchiest person ever. I had to finally tell work i was done in fear I would get fired for how crabby I was :) SO, i have no words to tell you because know how you feel :) Hope baby makes her appearance soon!


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