Tuesday, January 21, 2014


-So, I made another quilt! I did a second whole-cloth quilt for a friend who is having a baby soon. Like the first, this one is so far from perfect, but it was also a LOT easier and more fun than the first quilt that I made, probably due in great part to the fact that I used a walking foot, the arm for my sewing machine, and quilting pins. Imagine that, using the proper materials made a difference! Ha! Anyway, I love how it turned out and can't wait to get it to its owner :)

I still have one little detail to finish up before I send it off, but I've already started on another quilt. I feel like it's practically a requirement to start a second quilt before finishing the one you're working on. But this next one is going to be the first time that I actually attempt to piece a quilt, and true to form, I'm going big or going home, with a postage stamp/scrap quilt. Those are really my favorite, and I just can't imagine trying anything else next. So, here's to imperfect quilt number 3!

-So, Lizzy a couple of weeks before Lizzy's birthday, we started talking about her party. I told her that since her birthday is in the winter and our family is so big and house is so small, we would probably just have a family party this year. Her response? "I'm okay with that. I've already adopted my whole class plus all of my other friends, so they can all come too." Hmmm, good effort kiddo. Anyway, sweet girl wanted to go TO Dairy Queen and eat a cake there. So, we did.

-The Seahawks are going to the SUPERBOWL!!!! Woo-hoo! My two favorite teams are the Seahawks and the Broncos, so I'll be happy no matter what. Justin is a pretty die-hard Seahawks fan (he grew up in WA near Seattle), so I think that he's pretty gung-ho for the Seahawks to win. 
That said, I'm really OVER the whole pretend Richard Sherman drama. Was he a little mouthy? Yep. Could he have handled himself better? Yep. But let's not forget that this was a super emotionally charged game against two rival teams, and there's a whole lot of bad blood there. Frankly, I think anyone who has ever played competitive sports knows that it can get heated, and I just can't get fired up about that, especially when there are countless other NFL players who are arrested frequently for drug charges, DUIIs, rape charges, etc. Rape charges? No biggie. But shouting? UNACCEPTABLE. 

-I am STILL recovering from being sick. I've been sick for about 21 days now, and though I feel better, I still don't feel great and still haven't gone back to exercising yet. My body just isn't ready yet. I'm a firm believer that there's a time and a place for pushing through the sickies, but this just isn't it. I'm worried that if I went back to T25 now, I'd end up in the hospital. Which means I'm a little ornery from the lack of good endorphins ;)


  1. This is why I asked you what your opinion of Sherman as a fan was - because he certainly didn't come across as great, but it was the first I'd ever paid any attention to him and it was such a close and heated game. And having read up on him since, I think he's actually a pretty well spoken person who probably needed to take a minute before answering Erin Andrews's question.
    So anyway, that's why I went to you first :) Wanted your opinion - fans know their teams best. If you asked me what my opinion on Von Miller is? I'd say he's an immature, selfish jerk and that we'd be better off without him, and that I'm really proud of the season we had {mostly} without him. So yeah, unnecessary drama.

    1. Yes, exactly! I think he's a little cocky and a little mouthy sometimes, but the coverage on this particular incident just seems so silly to me. Is it really THAT big of a deal in light of what other NFL players do on a daily basis, lol?!

  2. Love the quilt, especially the colors! So crafty, you. Sorry you've been sick, but good call on resting and not overdoing it. Feel better!

  3. The quilt looks great!! You are brave, attempting quilting. I don't think I have the patience for it- and I'm pretty certain mine would be totally wonky looking. Which would probably be fine except my mother-in-law and sister-in-law are amazing quilters, so my quilt would never see the light of day around them :)
    Also- GO Seahawks!! SO excited. And I think the Sherman stuff is just silly- I agree, a heated moment after winning a very important game against a rival team. Just a classic case of think before speaking, but seriously, the amount of attention he's getting about it is ridiculous.
    PS: I grew up near-ish Seattle too- Olympia. Still rooting for the Hawks alllllllllll the way over here in Georgia :)


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