Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pregnancy #2: 28 weeks

28 weeks
{It's pajama day. More on that later.} 
And a 28 week shot from when I was pregnant with Lizzy: 

How far along: 28 weeks.

Size of baby: An eggplant (The Bump) or a Chinese cabbage (Baby Center).  In other words, about 15 inches inches and 2.5 pounds.

Weight Gain: +8-10 pounds total, from pre-pregnancy weight. It varies from day to day.

Symptoms: {Fair warning--this is going to be a little whiny today}. The heartburn is so bad that I now have to sleep sitting up, and none of my sneaky pregnancy cures have been helping (nor has Tums, etc). So there's that. Also, I've been having lots and lots of Braxton Hicks contractions, as well as quite a bit of pelvic pressure already. At my OB appointment on Tuesday, my doc told me that it could simply be that I'm more aware of both this time. It could be the activity difference in having a toddler versus sitting at a desk all day. It could be the 106 degree heat we've been having. Or, it could be the fact that up until last night, we haven't had a single night with all three of us at home in over 3 weeks, and I'm just plum doing too much. It hadn't really crossed my mind until the appointment, but even sitting in the bleachers to watch Justin play softball/baseball probably isn't actually as relaxing as it may seem due to the heat, and the fact that we're all out late. There really is something to be said for being home.

Anyway, he told me that he'll probably check me at my 30 week appointment to make sure that I'm not dilating already. In the meantime, he told me that we really need to carve out more rest time and see if that helps calm the contractions and pressure down. He "prescribed" that we need to declare at least one pajama day AND night a week, where I'm inside with the AC on, and literally not doing much besides watching TV, reading, napping, taking a bath, and drinking water. This is harder than it seems--and it seems like even when we do carve out that time, some "emergency" at church comes up, or a friend calls and needs help with something time sensitive, or I have an opportunity to do a photo shoot, or we get invited to do something fun, or they won't have enough people to play in the baseball game if I ask Justin to stay home. We are the type of people who go-go-go, and Justin and I both have a hard time saying no. It's also frustrating for me, because I feel like we're home so little as it is that when we ARE here, we really both need to be doing dishes, laundry, etc. It's not that Justin doesn't help with that stuff, it's just that because everything gets crammed into one day or evening, we really BOTH need to be doing it if it's going to get done. I feel like I'd have less problem lounging on the couch if I magically woke up to a totally cleaned house, but I'm honestly not sure if that's really true either.

I'm trying to be good about it, because I know that if I don't carve out that time, there's a possibility that I could end up on bed-rest later on, which would obviously just suck. But sometimes, it's hard to be good about it. For example, I really really wanted to go to the Mom's Group playdate at the water park today. I'm feeling kind of lonely lately and desperately need some adult interaction, so I was really looking forward to it. But, I have a photo shoot at a bridal shower this evening, and I know if go to the park and sit in the heat all afternoon, I'm going to be having contractions like crazy by evening. So, I'm here on the couch instead, having pajama day...trying to ignore our disaster of a house, the mountain of dishes, and the fact that my kiddo is bouncing off the walls.

Exercise: Not right now, for the reasons mentioned above.

Clothes: Mostly maternity, though all the "lounge clothes" in this week's photo are regular stuff.

Cravings/Aversions: I'm having a hard time drinking enough water lately. 

Movement: Yep :) We've started with the kick counts this week as well.

Worries: Just the above!

Milestones: She's got eyelashes! Hopefully, she inherited the bright blue eyes and super long eyelashes from her dad :) Other than developing eyesight, she's mostly just fattening up at this point.

What's Different This Time: This post is long enough as it is this week ;)

Best moment of the week: A night at home...finally. Also, I loved getting to see a sneak peek of the quilt my mom is working on!


  1. I remember feeling the BH's a LOT sooner this the second time around also. It is so much harder to find "Me Time" on the second (+) pregnancies. Take it as easy as you can!

  2. I remember feeling the same way when I was preggo, especially once I was further along. My hubby and I were, and very much still are 'go-go-go' people. It's very rare that we stay at home, or don't have something going on. When I was preggo, we had to constantly change these plans and I had to finally start saying 'no.' Sitting on the couch and doing nothing is no picnic, and I couldn't image doing that now with a little one running around making a mess!

    I'm sorry about the heartburn as well. Heartburn is no fun, and it stinks even more when nothing is helping!!

  3. With my first pregnancy, I had THE WORST heartburn. I felt it all the way into my back. The pain was so intense, I would just sit there & cry. Tums never worked for me, either. I found that the liquid antacids worked much better than the chewables. Also, if you get really desperate, you can try the recipe on a box of baking soda. It's pretty much guaranteed to make you burp like a man, but, holy cow, does it feel good! Here's a link for the recipe:

    Hope you feel better soon!

    P.S. It really IS okay to say no!


    A former people pleaser :)

  4. Oh man...if my doctor prescribed pajama day when I was pregnant with #2, I would have been ALL UP on that! I would have done anything to get doctor's orders to do absolutely nothing.

    The pain/pressure/BH contractions, I thought, were a million times worse the second time around. My belly was in physical pain by the end of the day that I would actually bust out ice packs and lay them on my stomach. It was agonizing....I can't imagine what having #3 would feel like!!

  5. You're looking great, sweetie!

  6. 28 weeks! Wow - she'll be here before you know it! Hang in there, mama!

  7. I don't usually comment, but I had very bad heartburn with my first and am now pregnant with my second and again have awful heartburn. Like makes me throw up some nights... Anyways with both pregnancies I have been told that Famotadine (Pepcid) and Omeprazole (Prilosec) are okay. At the very end of my pregnancy last time I was watching my diet and taking a combination of both with still some but at least not as bad of heartburn. Unfortunately I'm already on the combo at 26 weeks this time :( Anyways just wanted to let you know that you could take or ask your doctor about taking Famotadine and Omeprazole.

  8. Oh heartburn is the absolute worst! You look great though- and I LOVE the pajama day idea!

  9. Ugh heartburn. I had it so bad between about week 24 to week 32. It let up a lot when baby started to drop though. Thankfully, cause it was miserable.

    The BH this time around are crazy. I have a ton more bh, I'm much more crampy, and overall just get a lot more sharp pains and achy feelings in my belly.

    I hope you can find a balance between getting stuff done and taking it easy. Let me tell ya, I do not do well with taking it easy. That would be a hard pill for me to swallow!

  10. This might not help at all, but David has dealt with heartburn for the last couple years. At one point it was so bad, prescription medicine wouldn't help. Then I convinced him to do green smoothies - A solid liter a day, between 20 minutes of eating "normal" food. It took about 2 weeks before noticing a significant difference, but it's helps soooo much. Banana, peach, berry, with a handful or two any leafy green and water is my favorite, it tastes like a milkshake. It'll boost your stomach acids to meet and burn off the heartburn, but it takes a few days for your stomach acids to rise to the occasion. I hope you feel better!!


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