Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Since you last saw me....

-I've done approximately 20 loads of laundry (yet somehow it still isn't done).

-I've sorted all the clothes in my closet into "newly postpartum" and "pre-pregnancy size" totes, and put them away for the rest of this pregnancy. And cried looking at the size of jeans I wore shortly after Lizzy was born. I really hope I never have to wear them this time.

-I've spent approximately one hour waiting in the 108 degree heat in our non-air conditioned car. Then, I spent approximately three hours watching baseball and wrangling a kiddo in the same 108 degree heat. Happily, Justin's team beat the best team in the league last night, which was particularly gratifying as the manager of the other team kept throwing the bat, swearing, and straight-up trying to cheat. Oh, and did I mention he's the coach of one of the local high school teams? He's clearly an awesome role model. I wish I would have video taped him and sent it to the school district. It was SO gratifying that his team lost.

-I've researched, arranged, and planned to have our internet switched over to a new provider. Hopefully, they're installing tomorrow. We've had Clearwire for years and hated them, but for some reason, it always felt like more of a hassle to switch.

-I've averaged getting to actually speak to my husband for about 10 minutes a night for the past two weeks...he's been leaving for work at about 6am every morning, working out of town with no cell service, and getting back sometime between 6pm and 8pm, though I never really know exactly when. And if he does get home earlier, he usually has baseball. Or there's something, and we're still not home. I'm feeling beyond done with this arrangement. So is our kiddo.

-I've gotten a call from the refinance lady that the USDA's refinance program that they just announced (and we were planning to use) is almost out of funds already. We'd been planning to close in November, but she wants to close ASAP instead. So, I've been spending time trying to figure out whether or not we can make things happen sooner than we planned. Right now, it doesn't feel worth the effort, honestly.

-I've spent lots of time snuggling my sweet girl. She and I both aren't feeling great--there's a few fires going on in Southern Oregon, and the level of smoke in the air is unreal. I think the runny noses and sore throats on both our ends are probably mostly attributed to that.

-I have spent almost an hour on the phone with our insurance, trying to figure out this breast pump business. Apparently, a new law went into effect in August that breastpumps are covered, period. BUT naturally, it isn't that simple for us...and we don't actually get to benefit from that law until January when our plan renews. So, instead, I'm trying to figure out which pump to buy with their old policy, which is that we pay out of pocket and they reimburse 70% up to $200. I'm looking at the Medela Pump In Style Advanced, the Phillips Avent Twin Electric, and the Ameda Purely Yours Double Pump. So if you have any of those and would like to weigh in (good or bad), I'd love that!

-I've spent approximately 3 hours shooting photos, and another 3 hours learning (trying to learn) Lightroom, which has been a lot of fun!

Basically, things have been busy, but not with anything particularly interesting to write about...so I apologize for my lack of posts lately! Hope everyone is having a fantastic summer!


  1. I don't get to benefit from the breast pump being covered until Jan 1 either- that's when my new plan year goes into effect. Can you wait to take advantage of the breast pump deal until after Jan 1? I'm hoping to wait, because hopefully I won't need it until I go back to work in Feb. Just wondering if you can save yourself some cash there. From what I've heard as far as pumps go though, Medela is the way to go. Also- does your hospital rent breast pumps? Because you could always rent one for a couple of months and then take advantage of the new deal with your insurance.

  2. Busy Busy BUSY mama! Hang in there. Summer is a crazy time for sure, but hopefully you get some days to relax and enjoy the calm before number two arrives!

  3. I've been wondering where you were. A friend of mine has the Aveda. She says it works great. I had a playtex, do not recommend

  4. OH the insurance thing ticks me off! MIne is about to go out and I was told that it was 'removed' from our policy so i guess we covered them before, anyway i feel you with frustration!

  5. I have the Pump in style advanced and like it a lot. The people who bought the Medela freestyle live that it's hands free, but since I don't know any different I don't miss it. I see used pumps all the time on a mom forum I'm on( I know that's technically not advised, but honestly don't see much risk of contamination of you buy new tubing and parts), but after replacing parts it probably works out to about the same as your 70% benefit.

    Also, that's a gorgeous photo of you! Hang in there busy lady!

  6. Ugh I hate clearwire, and haven't switched because it seems like a huge ordeal. I definitely don't miss those summer fires, I hope it clears up quickly for you guys!!

  7. 1. I HATE Clearwire! It felt like we were constantly messing with the modem to get even a little signal.
    2. Ahh summer fires in the valley. I was down this weekend and between the smoke and the heat it was gross! Definitely do not miss how bad the summers are there.
    3. Think of what you could do with that $250 per month savings!

  8. I hear you on the hubby is never around arrangement, totally. How do you like LightRoom?

  9. I have a Medela Pump in Style... but I honestly haven't used the it this pregnancy. So far I have been pumping off the left over with the Harmony hand pump and it is working great. Now if I am away overnight I would want the big guy. The manual one works great if you think you can hold out until January.


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