Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Thinking About Nursery #2

{Oh yes...thinking being the key word here, because nothing has really happened thus far, which I'm starting to freak out a little bit about.}

A few people have asked what our plans are for Baby #2 once she arrives--will she be sharing a room with Lizzy? Sleeping in with us? In her own room? So here's the deal. We have a 3 bedroom house, the third bedroom of which currently holds the elliptical, a giant bookshelf of westerns, and...a bunch of junk that has no other home. Although the baby will probably sleep in the pack and play in our room for a few months, we are still planning to make the 3rd bedroom into a nursery for two reasons: (1) Lizzy really wasn't sleeping through the night without occasional wakeups until she was about a year. I see no reason to mess with both of their sleep during the newborn/4 month wakeful/teething stages, and really prefer that they sleep in separate rooms in the beginning if that's a possibility and (2) The bed rooms in our house are very small, and it would literally mean that nothing besides the beds would fit in the room.

So, two rooms initially...but that doesn't mean that they won't be sharing a room once Baby #2 is a bit older, and the 3rd room may be an exercise/playroom...and/or possibly even a baby boy nursery (way way way) down the road. Which is why I'm having a bit of a hard time deciding what to do with the room.

Do I go bold with the wall color like I love, only to likely have to re-paint not too far down the road? Or do I go more neutral on the wall color, and then bring in bright pops of color with the furniture, bedding, and accessories? And if I do go bold on the walls, which color?!

This is the first fabric that we picked for the quilt, and is kind of inspiring the color scheme for the room. The pink reads a bit more red in this photo than pink, but it's pink. Bright pink. Other fabrics also have a bright yellow, and I think the pink, orange, and yellow are going to be the main colors in the room, with just little accents of the green and turquoise. But again, I haven't decided whether or not to do a bright on the wall, or a tan-ish.

If I go bright, my gut says to go with orange...even though it doesn't seem to be typical for a girl nursery, I have seen some orange nurseries that I really like and would work with our color scheme, like this one:

Plus, orange could work for a boy nursery down the road as well.  BUT, I don't just love the color orange, and I know that finding the right shade is probably going to be hard, so I'm a big gun-shy and wondering if the orange wouldn't be better suited for a piece of furniture, like the wooden rocking chair we're repainting.

Because even if we went more neutral on the wall, I think I could still probably bring in the punchy pops of color that I love, like in these inspiration photos:

So basically, I have no idea. I'd love to hear what you all think!

The only thing I do know? I love this mobile. ADORE IT.


  1. I've always been more attracted to a nueteral wall tone with pops of color in accessories or decor instead of the other way around, but that's just me. I am also very gun shy and hate painting. My thinking is that if I can alternate the feeling of a room without painting that's an added bonus.

  2. I feel like neutral walls with a pops of color in decor looks fabulous and is a tad more sophisticated :) G's walls are a super light blue and I went to town with the bedding, rugs and lamp [pinks, lime, orange]. I have a feeling your nursery will look fab!

    And I'd say not to even consider the fact that one day it will be a boy's room. I feel like it's so easy to repaint rooms [not fun, but certainly easy and cheap ;)], this sort of thing shouldn't limit your choices in the here and now.

  3. No worries- you still have almost 3 months left, plenty of time to get things together!! And as long as you have a place for baby to sleep/place to change baby, the rest doesn't really matter since the decorations are mostly for you anyway :) With that being said, I like to go neutral on the wall color- that way I can avoid painting again later down the line. Accessories are easy to change out- and then with a neutral wall color you can easily transition that room into whatever you need it to be when the time comes. Plus the accessories are the fun part right??

  4. If you prefer a bold wall color, I say to with that! Painting isn't that hard, especially in a small room, so I think the effort would be worth it. I love the orange!! I agree it will be hard to get just right, but if you can, man, it will look awesome. That orange inspiration nursery is so perfect. And I love your fabric!!

  5. I love the quilt fabric :) I agree with the other, I would go with a neutral wall color, and add pops of color with accessories and wall art.

  6. Yeah, Nell's approaching 3 months rapidly and her room's still in limbo, you've got time :). I love the orange though...but I might be biased.

  7. I vote for neutral with bold accessories- that way it is easier down the road to change things up. Even though I have one of each, I was SO glad I painted the kids rooms a neutral because then I can cheaply and more often add/subtract things. :) I DO love that orange though!

  8. Ooooh, I love nurseries! We live in a rented townhouse, so our little girl's nursery walls stayed the neutral off-white they already were. However, like you, I love color. So her neutral walls play a backdrop for pops of yellow, coral, and dark red.
    Now that she's here and all of her stuff is in there, I love it that way. I think with such bold colors, a wall of it would be overwhelming.

    Oh, and I'm with Emily. Ruby's 3.5 months now and her nursery is still not quite finished, so don't worry - you have plenty of time! =)

  9. you could do one wall orange and the other 3 neutral. I like the one stripped walls in the 3rd nursery picture. Gives me inspiration for Sarah's "big girl" room. Love the mobile.

  10. I'd do the lime green or the teal from that fabric if you don't like orange. And really---like the others said, painting isn't that awful. If you had to reprint the walls in 3-4 years it would probably need to be done either way, you know? I'd say 3 hours max I did our smallish bedroom walls.

  11. I LOVE that one with the orange walls. I have it pinned, too. Really cute, all those colors. I also love the plain walls with the splashes of pink and orange. I think they're cute colors put together.

    I feel the same way. We have 3 bedrooms. 2 of them are nice sizes (ours and our spare bedroom which houses random things, like yours), then Ethan's, which is like a closet. I thought about having 2 babes in 1 room, and just as quickly decided it wasn't worth it to save space. I feel like so many interruptions and problems would arise from that. So, baby #2 will have Ethan's room, and we are turning our spare bedroom into Ethan's "big boy room."

  12. I love the last room- but I'm really drawn to more neutral rooms with fun, bright accessories. And from our experience, sharing rooms was a complete and total nightmare- it was a big reason why we jumped out and sold our house, so that our kids could have separate rooms. Every time K would cry, Cameron was awake before I could even get to her. It sucked, and I felt bad that he couldnt sleep through her wakings. Can't wait to see what you do!

  13. That mobile is beautiful!!! =) Love it!

    Can't really give any room advice, as my tastes are all neutral and bland, lol. I keep telling my husband that when we have a kid, if it's a boy, I want to paint the room khaki. You would have thought I grew an extra head, lol!!! Guess I've eventually got to move into the world of colors. =)

  14. "Girl you go big or go home! So what if you have to repaint that in 5 years? Never regret anything that once made you smile!" <-- Black, pinterest woman inside speaking on behalf of Maren this morning.

    You go, girl. Paint that shit BOLD.

  15. I know whatever you choose will be amazing! I *still* love Lizzy's room!

    For us, our boys do not share a room. They are both fairly light sleepers, and it just wouldn't work. Of course a few years from now I hope I'm telling you something different, but sharing a room just hasn't been an option for us.

    Cohen slept in our room (in a pack 'n play) for the first 8 months, then once we moved and got a bigger house with a 3rd bedroom, he finally was promoted to a crib. Honestly, it doesn't matter. You're going to be up a lot with that baby in the beginning anyways, might as well make it convenient for you!


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