Sunday, November 10, 2013

30 Days of Thankfulness: Days 1-7

1. For Justin. Lizzy asked him to wear his Perry shirt so that they could match. He went along with it, and it made her SO happy.

2. For the rare occasions where I still have the opportunity to snuggle a sleeping baby.

3. For being able to cook healthy, yummy meals at home.

4. For being able to workout at home, even though it can be a little crazy sometimes! Some days, I would KILL for a gym that offered childcare in our town. But there just aren't any right now, so I'm trying to re-frame my thinking, and be thankful that because I have to exercise at home, the girls often see that happening!

5. For the rare double nap, which allows for a quiet lunch and catching up on a good book.

6. For Lizzy. Three is SO hard sometimes. The sass. The disobedience. The strong-willed stand-downs. But they are also tempered with so many sweet, lovely moments with this girl.

7. For being able to celebrate Becca's first birthday with extended family last weekend, and then our small family this past Thursday. I love that we have so much family so close, and I seriously cannot believe that she is already ONE. No really, when did that happen?!

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  1. I can't believe Becca is one already- that means B is one soon too. Eeeeeee no!! Stop time, stop!


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