Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Things Remembered.

I've missed this space lately.

I've wanted to write, to pour out my thoughts and my heart, but I've also kind of felt like I have nothing to say. Well, not nothing, but lately life has been lots of Justin working late, and lots of me in the parenting trenches until I fall into bed. Lots of trying to keep up with T25. Rocking a baby that really isn't a baby anymore, and snuggling with a toddler who has been needing more and more one-on-one time lately.

It's been softball games in the cold and rain. It's been totally proving the jerk-o on the other team wrong, after he patronizingly suggested that I didn't know how to play first base (take THAT!). Last minute photo shoots, and editing, and wondering where to go with photography in the future--thus far, I've intentionally kept it defined as a "hobby" (and before anyone asks, yes I still pay taxes), and lately sometimes I've found myself vacillating between wanting to push into a "real" business, and then questioning whether I have the skills/equipment/desire/client base to do that, or whether I should just drop it all together. Or stay where I'm at now.

It's been Harvest Fests and pumpkin patches and birthday parties and visits with friends. It's been playing trains and supermarket and tickle fights on the floor. It's been enjoying fall TV (Bones!) curled up next to Justin on the couch. It's been feeling so lucky to have received a bunch of advanced reader copies for books, and wishing that I had a weekend (or two!) to do nothing but curl up with a blanket and a hot coffee, and travel to different worlds.

It's been good, I just feel a bit like I've been tossing 100 plates into the air at any given moment, trying to juggle them all, and it's come to a point where I've had to choose to let some fall. Hopefully, I'll be able to pick them back up soon. Because I miss it. I miss you guys.


  1. You don't know me, but I've been a reader for a while and love to see what you have to say. We will welcome you back whenever you have new posts - but it sounds like you're just living life and enjoying it right now - and that's totally okay! :)

  2. We miss you too- but completely understand about being busy and having no time!! We'll all be here when you do have time to stop by- and your photography is lovely btw :)

  3. Blog breaks happen, but glad you posted! Keep on writing and juggling those plates. ;)

  4. I have been feeling a LOT like that lately. Hubby working late nights, editing to do, and wanting to fall into a heap at the end of the day. Praying for you!

  5. I could have wrote so many of these words - not so well - but I feel it. The busy days (and nights), trying to find yourself in all of that stuff. High five-ing you.

  6. I feel the same. I have so much I could write but have been enjoying relishing my time at home with Bud while I still have it. Enjoy it & come back when you can.


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