Wednesday, November 27, 2013

30 Days of Thankfulness: Days 15-21

15. I'm thankful (again) for being able to do T25 at home--getting in a killer calorie burn (762 cals in 50 mins!!!), and just feeling all around better mentally and physically. I'm also thankful that my knee has held up!

16. I'm thankful that we have so much family nearby--I've been leaning on them pretty heavily this month with Justin's crazy work schedule! It's so nice to have them around to visit!

17. I'm *so* thankful for the couple ahead of me at the grocery store who bagged up all my groceries for me AND helped me load them into the car. I absolutely dread doing our big shopping trip alone with the girls, especially having to bag up all of the groceries while trying to wrangle the girls who are inevitably melting down by that point. It really made my day so much easier, and I appreciated it so much I nearly cried.

18. I'm thankful for my unexpected IG shop, @buenavidasparkle. It's the little things like that that ease a bit of the holiday budget pressure, and I'm thankful for it.

19. For Wednesday visits with my sister, and for Lizzy who always makes me laugh.

20. For snuggles with Becca, even if I do sometimes wish she were napping in her crib instead.

 21. I'm so thankful to watch Lizzy & Becca play together more and more. Becca already looks up to Lizzy so much, and it is just *so* sweet to watch them together like that :)

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  1. Oh my gosh, that is amazing about the grocery store!!! I have often thought that when I am older and not with kids I will SO do this for someone with babies. It is always so stressful at the end, and I often wish that someone would offer to help, especially at Whole Foods where they don't even have a cart return in the parking lot. No one ever has though :-/


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