Thursday, October 14, 2010

Um, it's not Halloween yet.

Yesterday, I was doing a senior portrait session for a local girl and her boyfriend. We were at this old barn-type place, and I had backed up to get a wider angle shot.

Suddenly, I heard her shriek, and sprint away. Her boyfriend {who was clad in a deer shirt and mossy oak hat to give you an idea of his personality}, also yelped and ran for the hills.

"What? What's wrong?!" I yelled as they were running away.

"Oh my God! OH MY GOD! It's a bat! I heard something squeaking, looked over, and it's a freaking bat! It just flew behind that post," she yelled.

"Maybe I should check and see if it's okay?" the boyfriend suggested.

"Don't you dare! Bats aren't supposed to be out during the day! It could have rabies! My friend from high school had a bat land on her shirt one evening, and she had to get rabies shots! DO NOT TOUCH THE BAT!" I yelled back frantically.

"Seriously though, it was kind of dark over here by the overhang, and then it flew over there to the dark corner. Maybe it's just hurt..." he responded.

"Don't you dare touch the bat or I am taking you to the hospital to get rabies shots!!!" the girlfriend threatened.

He began to walk over towards the dark corner where the bat was hiding, when it promptly flew away into the distance, invoking shrieks of terror from the girlfriend and I.

Seriously, bats during the day are not cool at all. I itched the rest of the day just thinking about it, even though the bat didn't come within 30 yards of me, and even though I doubt having rabies makes you itch. I have no desire to see bats in person....EVER. I'm quite content to see them in our copy of Stellaluna, thankyouverymuch.


  1. This is a funny story, but I would be freaking out big time if it had happened to me. And is it par for the course for high school couples to get their senior photos taken together? It's been so long since high school!

  2. oh my gosh I bet that was funny to watch! I cannot do bats either, pictures are fine but NOT in real life :P

  3. LOL! Bats are dirty but cute little buggers. I have a funny story about bats having to do with a LOT of hair in HS and a misguided bat.

  4. It's funny you say that, because I just saw this epic video of a bat flying in a wind tunnel on Brown University's web site.

  5. gross! When I was a child, I had a bat get into my bedroom and woke up feeling the wind from its wings on my face. We had radiators and somehow the bat had slipped down alongside one of the pipes. The ceiling fan was on and I was in the top bunk of a bed...needless to say it felt like something out of a horror movie and I will never forget that moment! I was terrified to get out of bed and get my parents, I was afraid there would be more hanging off my bed!

  6. lol, imagine having one IN YOUR HOUSE! yeah, so not cool.

  7. ew!! i really dislike bats!! at least you got a story out of it ;)


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