Monday, October 11, 2010

Letter to Lizzy- Nine Months

Dear Lizzy Loo,

Yesterday, you officially turned 9 months old. I have to say that your 8th month has been totally different than I expected-- for one, you still aren't walking. When you were 3 or 4 months old, I was positive that you'd be walking by now, but I am actually kinda relieved that you aren't. Somehow though, you are trying to climb UP things (like our bookshelves and entertainment center), which I was not expecting at this point in time.

 Other things you are doing and/or enjoy right now are:

Cheering at sporting events. You happily scream right along with everyone!

 You respond to the sign "finished" in regards to food, and almost ALWAYS shake your head "no" in response.You still love food.

You LOVE animals, especially cats and dogs. Over the weekend, we took you to a farm that has a petting zoo. You took awhile to warm up, but ended up having fun.

 Tantrums. Lots and lots of tantrums. You are so opinionated already, and definitely want to do things your own way!

You definitely recognize family members and friends, giving them big smiles, and happily go to them.

- You know the book "Pat the Bunny" and attempt most of the tasks without prompting. You really love books, and spend lots of time looking at them, both with me and alone.
- Just yesterday you really started to try to stand on your own more frequently. You especially like to stand with a cracker in each hand.
- You have learned how to make your teeth chatter, and do it ALL THE TIME, even when I know for sure you aren't cold.
-You try to imitate sounds, like coughing {which is hilarious by the way}. 
-We haven't been to the doctor in awhile, but I would guess that you weigh just about 15 pounds.

Yesterday at church, your Aunt Renee sang "Your Hands" by JJ Heller, which is most definitely your favorite song. You got so excited, flapping your hands up and down, bouncing, and trying to sing along. It is so much fun to see you developing likes and dislikes, as well as recognition. This month, it really, really felt like you were becoming a little kid instead of a baby, and it is so incredible to watch you grow up!

Your dad and I love your silly laugh, and your snuggles on the rare occasion that you slow down and stop wiggling for a minute or two! All the love in the world,



  1. Happy 9 months to your sweet girl! I am sure she will be walking in no time. I love the picture of her cheering at the sporting event, you will have to frame that one! So sweet.


  2. This letter is beautiful and I just love the pictures! They are great!

    BTW - Thank you for the information you gave me a while back. It helped A LOT!

  3. Tell her to watch out for those goats! I have a picture of me at Grant's Farm when I was younger and the goat was attacking me! Happy 9 months Lizzy!

  4. I love these letters! I know I say that every time, but it really is the best way for me to feel like I'm getting to know Lizard even though I haven't met her yet! I am also looking forward to seeing you as a Mom in person. It fits you. I miss you, Giraffe.

  5. Happy 3/4ths birthday... you are so cute!


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