Monday, October 4, 2010

BQOTD- Racing

Have you all ever ran or walked in a race? How far? Have any tips for a first-timer?

Running has always been super mental for me--I'm one of those people that TOTALLY has to cover the display if I'm running on the treadmill. Otherwise, I quit. Because I don't think I can. And I also don't really *like* to run. But still, for some reason, I've always wanted to run in a race. In fact, one of my 101 in 1001 goals was to run/walk a 5k. I'm not ready for a 5k yet, but I'm trying to convince Justin to run with me (to pace me and keep me motivated) during a fundraiser race on Thanksgiving morning. It's a 2 mile fun run/walk, and I feel like it would be a decent place to start...if only I could get J out of bed at 7:30am on a holiday!


  1. I haven't, but I would like to!!! I'm currently working on the Couch to 5K Running plan that you can find on

  2. I have!!! I did my first 5k in 2007and totally rocked it because I was hard core training. Then I met hubby and fell off the workout wagon. I struggled through a few 5ks in 2009 then somehow got a crazy idea to do a half and full marathon this year! No matter the distance, its always an amazing feeling when you finish a race and the most important thing about races is that it's for everyone of all shapes and sizes. Yesterday, I saw two wheelchairs and a blind man doing the half/full marathons. You can do it Mer-I know you can!

  3. mere,
    like you, i felt like a total "NON-RUNNER" but always had the goal to do it. 3 years ago i determined, made up my mind, did the couch-to-5k program, and ran the 5k pear blossom. i can honestly say it was one of the MOST INCREDIBLE experiences of my life. the feeling of accomplishment, crossing that finish line, with my hubby and daughter cheering me on ... indescribable.
    YOU GO GIRL!!!

  4. I did one pre-baby... and I am going to do it again. I am not NOT a runner. But I did the couch potato to 5 K plan and it worked!

    I did it pretty slowly - when I felt ready to move to the net increase, I did. I did my first 5K before I was finished.

  5. You know 5k is only a little more than 3 miles, right? If you think you can do a 2-mile run/walk, you can do a 5k.

    Also, I hate running.

  6. A lot of people love Couch to 5k and I think it's probably a great program, from what I hear anyway.

    I love Cardio Coach! It's handy to do it with a heart rate monitor so you can accurately gauge your level and keep challenging yourself, but is totally do-able without one. The music is motivating and the coaching will keep you positive and moving. Start with Vol. 1 for sure if you are beginning.

    I ran in a 5k a couple years back and still run on occasion. I like it, but I'm definitely not a runner.

    Another thing that will really help is building up your quads, hams, and glutes. Full depth squats and lunges are awesome and will really help you train for running.

  7. that's the thing about running.. the beginning is the roughest. i alllways wanted to be a "runner" but convinced myself that i just couldn't do it. going 1/2 a mile without resting was a success. but finally this year, i just kept working at it and working at it. when i started running in january, 1.5mi was a big day. now i run 5x a week 5-10mi per run. it takes a little bit to break that barrier where you feel like you can't do it, but seriously once you prove to yourself what you are capable of, it is so empowering. nothing makes me feel stronger or more confident that a great run. go for it!! i promise it's worth the work. good luck girl!

  8. I also struggle mentally with running. And hell--I'm a frickin soccer player, right? But it's soo mental. If there is a ball involved, it's fine. But if I am running against the clock, or on a treadmill or just running to be running--things don't go as well. And I think I am mentally weak for that. It bothers me. But not enough to do something about it. ;)

    With that sad, Lars and I did take part in the biggest relay race in the world in Oslo in the spring. It was actually fun. My leg of the race was crazy short hehe and I still struggled mentally.

    So I think that's what you're up against---your own brain. Physically of course you can do it!


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