Friday, October 22, 2010

Blogging About Blogging

Hey faithful blog readers, could I share something that might make all our lives easier? See, once or twice a day, I get a question left as a comment.

Hey, what camera do you have?
Where did you get that onesie?
How did you do the wall art in Lizzy's nursery?
We're going to be in Oregon this winter--want to meet up?

And usually, I'm more than happy to answer the question. However, when I click reply on the comment notification email, I see that many of you don't have an email address visible from your blogger profile. All I see is the dreaded listed.

Sometimes, I can track you down by going over to your own blog, but sometimes the things I have to say are a bit more personal than I'd like the whole world to see. And you would be AMAZED how many people without blogs leave questions in the comments for me. Plus, it's easier, and I can respond from my phone, which means you wouldn't have to wait a week for a simple reply!

See, good for you, good for me. And it's easy:

Go to your dashboard.
Click on Edit Profile (next to your picture).
Add an email address.
Click the check mark to make it visible.

{PS, thanks to Katie for these instructions from her post a few months ago about this very topic}

Please keep in mind that you do NOT need to attach the email that you log on to your blogger account with. For example, I log on to blogger with an email like I also have an email address specifically for this blog {}, since J and I like to do our best to keep our last name private. I can add the email address specifically for the blog, and make it visible. People can respond to me via THAT email address, and I can still log on to blogger with my old email address and keep my last name hidden, but still have access to my reader.

Really, it takes like half a minute. Pretty please?


  1. Great tip! I never know the best way to respond to comments on my blog either - usually I just comment on my own post, but I guess I have no idea if the person sees it or not! I updated my profile so now if I do ask a question, it should be easier to respond - hopefully!

  2. Thanks Mer! I finally came around to adding this myself!

  3. Amen and Amen! I may have to link this post if that's ok. I get questions too and can't respond easily sometimes!!!


  4. this still drives me NUTS. The other day someone asked a question, had "no reply" and THEN also had no profile to link to or no blog to get back too! Therefore, it makes me look rude for not getting back to them, but I know NOTHING about them. Crazzzy.

  5. I'd like to copy everything you just said and paste it on my blog....seriously people - leave an email!

  6. Umm...I think this is pointed to me because I asked a question on the last post. Sorry!

  7. AMEN, sista. I feel the same way. Sometimes I try to put the answer in the comments if I've gotten it more than once, but the email option is just better.

  8. great advice!! i hate when i can't reply to people's comments too!


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