Friday, June 15, 2012

Carnivals + Bumps

I've had a fun month photo-shoot wise! First, we kicked things off with Madison's 3rd Birthday party-Hollie did such an amazing job with the carnival theme, and the little details just blew me away!



Then, I got to try my hand at a maternity session for the first time with my SIL Renee. We had a heck of a time getting our schedules together, and then when they DID converge, the weather just wasn't cooperating. Oh, and also, the city totally mowed down the field of flowers we were planning to shoot we improvised again, and stole away from an end-of-the-year BBQ at church for a super fast maternity session.

Renee (5)

Renee (4)

Renee (12)

Renee (15)

Renee (23)

Renee (25)

Love these summer sessions!


  1. Those are beautiful photos, and that birthday party looks like a blast! I love it, Mere!

  2. Amazing shots! I'm absolutely in love with the carnival theme bday and your SIL is glowing - the light in those shots is just stunning.

  3. The party pictures look like they came from a magazine shoot, Meredith! And your SIL's pictures are beautiful - love the light flares. You're amazing!

  4. ah man this totally makes me wish I could get you to take our family pictures when we come to Oregon on our summer vacay..but I think we talked on the nest and you said you are pretty booked up and we aren't coming anywhere too near to you.
    You have a gift! Beautiful photos!

  5. oh, the maternity shots of renee are stunning!!! she is glowing and your photos are spot-on wonderful. wow. now how about some maternity shots of YOU? :)

  6. Beautiful pictures!!! Your SIL looks wonderful...and where did she get that dress?! I love it, and want it!

  7. Love love love! :) Meredith you are amazing!

  8. Your pictures are GORGEOUS! Loving the birthday party, too. Adorable!



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