Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Nights.

Growing up, I spent a lot of time at the baseball fields. I played softball, but when I was in middle school and the beginning of high school, they started paying us like $10 a game to run the snack bar, man the scoreboard, and sometimes, even umpire. So, I was there a lot. And then in high school, I played softball, so I was already at the fields a lot...and even more often to watch the boys baseball team play, since I think almost every one of us on the softball team had a crush on someone on the corresponding baseball team. For the last two years, Justin and I played on a co-ed softball team with some friends and family, which pretty much took over every Sunday afternoon for the entire summer. Then last year, Justin also played on a men's softball team, so we were at the fields a lot. Anyway, all this to say, I like baseball/softball a lot.

This year,Justin got asked to play on a hardball baseball team, which he's wanted to do for years. He hasn't been able to because our friends are all on a 35 years and older team, which he doesn't qualify for. But because of their standings last year, they got some age exceptions this year, and he was asked to play.


So, baseball started a couple weeks ago, and has pretty much comprised two evenings of our week ever since. Thus far, Lizzy and I have gone to every game, because we like baseball, and also because we're home together all day long, and sometimes I want/need to get out of the house or else I'll get jealous that Justin is out having fun while I'm always home doing the not fun stuff. So, we go. And mostly, it's been fun. 

Justin hadn't been able to play men's softball this year because they play the same evening as his night class for plumbing. But now, class is on summer break...and as I expected, he's basically jumped onto the men's softball team too for their last few weeks of games, promising that he will be so helpful around the house that I won't mind a bit. And mostly, I don't. Except that sometimes, it's a lot. Three games a week is a lot. Coming home at 9 or 10pm three nights a week with a toddler is a lot (especially since staying up late does NOT mean she'll sleep in the next day). Not having Justin there three nights a week to help with Lizzy/help clean the house/just spend time with is a lot. It's a lot for anyone, let alone someone who is pregnant and has a toddler. I'm tired. Our house is a disaster. And I don't even know WHEN in the next few weeks we'll have a break. And I just keep thinking, 'OH MY GOD...what is it going to be like this fall when we have all this AND add co-ed softball to the mix?'...because that would add at least ONE more game a week to the mix (I am super jealous that I won't be able to play co-ed softball this fall by the way). Justin's not the only one who does least two of the other people on the team play hardball, men's softball, and co-ed softball at the same time. And their wives/girlfriends often call themselves "baseball widows", and I think I'm beginning to understand why. These guys just really love baseball.


And so do I, but man, sometimes it is exhausting. Right now is feeling like one of those times for me. And we've only just begun.  Basically, this is our summer. And our fall. The last of it, co-ed fall softball, wraps up sometime in mid-November, which is right around the time baby #2 is due (something that I just now realized, and am not thrilled about). So, it's a bit of a love/hate relationship between baseball/softball and I right now...but for Justin, I'm pretty sure it's just a love-love relationship, and I get that. That's okay too. 


I will say though, that if I ever meet the guy who thought white baseball pants were a good idea, I'd probably punch him in the face right about now.

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  1. Great pics! Through the fence is hard to do :)

    Summer time is such a bitter-sweet thing, isn't it? Busy, but so fun.


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