Monday, June 11, 2012

Something new...

This past year, we watched Lizzy's cousin Logan two mornings a week before he went to afternoon Pre-K. Now, the two of them often act just like siblings--loving on each other one minute, and pestering the heck out of each other the next. But I think it was probably a really good thing for both of them, since Logan is the youngest, and Lizzy is thus far an only child, and both are about to have their worlds rocked when new little babies arrive later this year :)  Plus, it was kind of a nice break for me too for two reasons--first, they generally played pretty well together, which gave me at least a few minutes at a time to do a load of dishes, fold some laundry, read a blog or two, or (most often) pay bills/balance the checkbook in peace. Second, we generally took mornings pretty slow and easy so that we wouldn't totally tucker Logan out before he went to school all afternoon--which meant lots of lounging around watching movies, playing play dough, coloring, reading books, going to the library for story time, etc.  It was only two days a week, but those two days served as a nice reminder to slow things down a bit sometimes and not to always have so much going, planning, running, and doing every day.


But now, it's summer...and Logan will be home with his mama. I know he will love that time. And I am sure that we will still see lots and lots of them, because I'm looking forward to some major lounging around with Renee this summer. But mostly, it's just going to be me & Lizzy now. It's something a little bit new. Heck, in some ways, it's her first taste of summer break :) One of my goals this summer is to do my best to strike a balance between taking things slow and easy like we had the awesome reminder to do this past year, while also cramming in a whole lot of fun...because to me, that's what summer is all about. So tomorrow, to celebrate summer (which has always been my favorite season), we are going to a movie for the first time ever--one of the local theaters has a calendar of kids movie showings for $1, and we're going. I'm not sure whether it will be awesome or a disaster (I can't imagine her sitting still for almost two hours), but it will be something new, for sure, and it's always fun to try a little something new every once in awhile.

{contrary to how it may appear, my daughter is not tragically hurt, but rather is pretending to sleep right in the middle of a giant bounce house...because that's how she rolls}


  1. You and I have the same summer goals... finding a balance between taking things slow and easy, but having a super fun summer as well.

    Love the pics! I can hear her giggle through the computer :)

  2. These pictures are SO cute! She has gotten so big!


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