Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Willing Summer

Two weeks ago, it felt like summer. It was warm, beautiful, and gorgeous. We spent time at the parks, soaking up the sun. However, ever since then, it's basically looked like this around my neck of the woods:

The sun has largely hidden away, and it just doesn't feel like summer, not to mention the fact that it's seriously interfering with some photo shoots I've got planned that require sun, not a sky full of overcast clouds! Needless to say, I'm basically willing summer back into existence with the posting of these photos from two weeks ago.

A lot of our local parks have little mini water parks attached. Last year, most of the time at the park looked a lot like this:

It started out the same this summer, but it wasn't long before I heard her whisper "Be brave!" to herself (which is hilariously the exact same thing I used to say to myself before I ran into the ocean), and then she was off.








When did you get so big and so brave sweet girl?! 

PS- Summer, please come back! 


  1. She is so sweet! And I SERIOUSLY cannot believe how BIG she is!!!! I love that suit on her! :)

  2. Omg. The 'be brave' is so sweet. How adorble she is Meredith. You're truly blessed.

  3. Seriously.. I feel like I am always saying this, but she looks like such a BIG GIRL in these pictures! Not a baby! Crazy. "Be brave" - so freaking cute!

  4. Love these pics!! Splash pads are so great at this age.

  5. What a sweetie! I feel your gloomy pain, though. Yesterday was cloudy and misty up here but a friend and I went to our splash park anyway! The kids got to run around crazy (only ones there, wonder why?!) and get soaked. Back to the van for a change of clothes and blankets... yay "summer" :)

  6. I'll trade ya. We had a heat index of 107 last week. It's way too hot for this time of year! And Be Brave? Adorable.

  7. Wish we had splash parks in our area... there's a bunch downtown but nothing in the burbs where we are!

    Great pictures... I love her smile! I wish I could send you some of our heat.


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