Monday, June 25, 2012

Today, I am...

{SO STINKING EXCITED} for our "big" ultrasound appointment tomorrow afternoon. Seriously. Kait offered to do a gender reveal photo shoot for us, which would have been fun, but I just didn't want to wait one more second longer than 2pm tomorrow afternoon! Sorry Kait, lol!

{totally exhausted} after a mostly great, but really busy weekend. The big children's event that Justin and I have been planning for church was on Saturday, and it's nice to be done! About half the people who signed up to run carnival game stations for us just didn't show up the day that was interesting. And stressful. But, there was a giant inflatable obstacle course there, so I'm not sure that the kids even really noticed the craziness behind the scenes, or even that there were no snow-cones this year. Okay, so they probably noticed the lack of snow-cones, but hopefully had fun anyway!

{bummed} that in the midst of the crazy day on Saturday, our anniversary got lost in the shuffle. I don't think Justin or I ever even said "Happy Anniversary!" to each other. If it weren't for some awesome and thoughtful cards from family, I think it probably would have gone completely unmentioned! I hope we get to take some time to have a date soon, though I'm not sure when that will be, because we are booked every single night for the next week!

{hopeful} that I'll make a big dent in our laundry pile today. 

{loving} this Pinterest tip to use hot vinegar and Dawn dish-soap as a tub/shower cleaner. It totally works. Our shower was so dirty that I didn't even realize how dirty it was anymore...and this? Awesome. In fact, now that I know what sparkly-white looks like, I just may need to clean it again to get it 100% there.

{giddy} that the library finally has Insurgent waiting for me to pick it up today!

{stumped} about what to make for dinner!

{marginally irritated} that Justin got summoned for jury duty again. He seriously gets summoned more than anyone I know. I know it's his civic duty and all, but for us it basically just means three days of him not getting paid, and for people on a budget like ours, that SUCKS. And considering the fact that he has been summoned every single year and I *never* have, it's a little irritating! I wish I could go in his place!   

{loving} snuggling with Lizzy watching Dora on this cloudy, rainy morning.

{excited} for Justin, and the early birthday present (his birthday is Wednesday) that he got from my parents. I don't think they knew this, but the toolbox that they got for him was exactly what I was hoping to get for him, but just couldn't swing this month.

Also, I'm pretty sure Lizzy was just as excited about the box it came in!


  1. Wohoo! Can't wait to hear boy or girl! And I seriously can't get over how old Lizzy looks these days. Craziness.

  2. I just finishing doing my first jury duty, so I feel you!
    So excited about the baby. BTW, I'm a new reader. Congrats!

  3. I need to try that vinegar and Dawn. My shower is such a pain. Can't wait to hear if there is a little br other or sister in there for Lizzie!!

  4. EEEK!!! Can't wait to find out what you're having!

  5. Tomorrow?!?!? Eeeeeee! Can't wait, mama! Can. not. wait :)

    Dude, the vinegar and Dawn dish soap picture is amazing. Was just thinking how gross our tub was this morning. I'm definitely doing this.

    Bummer about jury duty! Once you serve here in WI, you are free for four years.

  6. I love this post. I can't wait to find out what you are having!

  7. I have to echo all the others- I can't wait to see what you're having! My bets are placed on a boy! :)

  8. So excited!... Can't wait!

  9. Can't wait to hear how your appointment went!!!


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