Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pregnancy #2- 17 weeks


Oh was rainy and COLD today here in Southern Oregon! 

And compared to 17 weeks with Lizzy:

How far along: 17 weeks.

Size of baby: An onion (The Bump) or a turnip (BabyCenter)

Weight Gain:Last week, I said I was -1 pounds, but I realized after posting that I was calculating by the wrong starting number (yay pregnancy brain!), and I was actually -6 pounds by the doctor's scale and -8 by my own. This week, I'm still at -10 by my own. It's interesting to look at photos--I think the bump is roughly the same size this time around, but I may be carrying a bit higher?

Symptoms:  I've been really tired this week--I'd go to bed at 5pm if I could!

Exercise: Not this week. I did really well last week, BUT after exercising for 20 or 30 minutes, I'd often find myself falling asleep paying bills, writing a blog post, etc. I felt like after working out for 20 minutes, I needed a 2 hour nap. I backed off for the last week, and I'll probably try again this week and see how I feel.

Clothes: In the above photo, the shirt is maternity, the pants aren't.

Cravings/Aversions:Not really (well, at least not really that I can acknowledge due to our crazy tight grocery budget!). I don't love meat or salads this time around, but still try to eat them both on occasion. 

Movement: I'm definitely feeling little kicks here and there, but still not with much consistency, and definitely not anything that Justin could feel.

Worries: This week, I'm starting to feel a little overwhelmed. Between Justin's baseball, VBS at church this month, another big church even that Justin and I are running, trying to work with hospitals (who are still calling me on the regular saying that we're not paying enough each month for the skin cancer thing), just trying to juggle things to make our budget work this month, feeling like I cannot stay on top of keeping our house clean (not to mention needing to clean out the whole bedroom that will be the nursery), and sitting down to plug dates in on our calendar and realizing that every Saturday from now until July 21st is booked SOLID (with some amazing and fun stuff!)...I'm just feeling a bit overwhelmed right now.

Milestones: Baby's cartilage is now beginning to turn to bone! He or she is about 5 inches long, and weighs about 5 ounces. 

Best moment of the week: I told Lizzy over the weekend that the baby can start to hear us, and that Lizzy can talk to it if she wants. It's been pretty sweet to hear her say "Hi baby! I'm Lizzy!" or put stickers on my stomach 'for the baby'. I still keep asking her whether it's a girl baby or a boy baby in my belly, but lately she just gives me silly answers like "It's a cat." 


  1. With my first pregnancy, I worked out a ton and felt great. With #2, I was DEAD [DEAD DEAD DEAD] tired after a short workout. So weird how things change. Rest up :)

  2. Meredith. You are looking great! And so sweet that Lizzy is sharing the picture :)

  3. 17 WEEKS?! That seems so much farther along than 16. Haha :)

  4. Well to be fair, it'd be totally cool if it was a cat...

    ;) Happy 17 weeks! You look adorable!

  5. Meredith, you look SO GOOD! And I definitely agree that the bump is higher this time around.

  6. I think you look smaller this time around! So sweet about the stickers, and "I'm Lizzy!" :) She's going to be such a great big sister.

  7. 17 weeks already?! Love it. You look awesome.

  8. You looks amazing Meredith! And can I steal Lizzy? Please? She is a doll.

  9. Congratulations Meredith! I haven't been over here in awhile and was so excited to hear your news!! Yea!!! You look wonderful, I am so thrilled for your family. Lizzie is going to be such an awesome big sister!


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