Monday, August 23, 2010

Blackberry Jam

I have big, and ambitious plans. I am going to make jam. No, I've never made jam before, and no, I don't have any canning equipment. Which is why I think I'm going to make freezer jam for my first endeavor. Anyone have any good tips or recipes for blackberry freezer jam? I've had a couple people suggest adding some lemon zest or lemon juice to the mixture...

We picked quite a few blackberries after church on Sunday, but I'm thinking that I need to go back this morning if I want to make cobbler AND jam.

This time though, I'll wear pants. And tennis shoes!


  1. yum! I love blackberries! and jam! :)

  2. we have ENDLESS blackberry bushes next to our house, and I always make cobbler, ice cream and jam. I've never made freezer jam, I always can mine, but I imagine it's the same process.

    You'll obviously need to get fruit pectin 2 packages. It says 1, but I always need 2 to make my jam set. and I believe it's 8 cups of blackberries to 4 cups of sugar. I always add in juice from 1 lemon. It's delicious.

    C hates the seeds in blackberries so he wont touch them, but he loves the flavor. So I make him blackberry pancake syrup which is to die for.

    good luck!

  3. I've made jam before. It was so long ago that I have no practical advice, other than that it is, in fact, possible. Good luck!

  4. I am no help whatsoever. But good luck! ;)

  5. Ooh, let me know how this goes! I wish I was brave enough to try this! It's one thing I want to do eventually!

  6. I picked a little over a half gallon of blackberries and was able to make 2 blackberry cobblers-both called for a little lemon juice. Check out, they've got great ways to do that. And you don't have to have canning equipment to can. Get the right cans (at the grocery store), use your dishwasher, a big pot, and thongs.

  7. Yummy! Good luck!

    On a totally unrelated note, I wanted to go back to the 12 weeks of better photography lessons for a few pointers, but they aren't coming up. Would you know why? You can email me at Thanks! :)

  8. i haven't made blackberry jam, but I make raspberr and strawberry every year. I just follow the directions in the sure-jell (pectin) pack. I think our recipe is 4 cups berry to 8 cups sugar and 1 pectin pack.

    prep/wash your jars, rings and lids. Put lids in small pan and boil (helps sealing)

    smash/mash your berries and then put all the ingredients in a large pot and bring to a continuous rolling boil.

    fill jars, place lids and hand tighten rings. turn jars over for 5 minutes. After 5 minute turn upright and let sit until they pop.

    Good luck!


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