Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Houston, We Have A Problem...

The last few days around here have been COLD. Like, jeans and a sweatshirt cold. Rainy, terrible, blanket cold. This cold front required me to dig up some cold weather outfits for Lizzy, and in doing so, I came to the realization that my poor child is going to suffer from PANTS TOO SHORT syndrome, just like me.

Seriously. Even though my kid is almost 8 months, she's still wearing 3-6 or 6 month clothes. I pulled out a pair of 6 month pants, and they fit her in the waist, but were a good inch too short in length. I tried a pair of 9 month pants, and they were long enough, but just fell right off her non-existent butt.

I'm not exactly sure what my cutie pie is going to do come fall when wearing capris is probably frowned upon. Maybe I just need to get her an awesome pair of boots and let her rock the boots and leggings look all winter, because if the leggings are tucked into boots, you won't be able to see that they're an inch too short. Or don't they make skinny jeans for babies? Maybe that would solve all kinds of problems.

I'm sorry in advance baby girl. Being tall kind of sucks--good luck finding wedding dresses, prom dresses, jeans, sweat pants, etc. At least you have a momma who can sympathize!


  1. Hey!! I have the same problem with my son. He is 10 months old but can fit in size 6 months in the waist but the legs are super short on him. I made him a belt that works great!!! It velcros so there is nothing hard pushing on him and it makes for super quick and easy diaper changes and it will grow with him for a long time. Send me an email if you are interested in one. shopaspiretobe@gmail.com

    my etsy shop if you want to take a look at the camo one i made for him is shopaspiretobe.etsy.com

  2. How about really thick tights under dresses/skirts? If the tights are a little long you can just roll the waist down. And little girl tights are SO cute! :)

  3. Capris with tall (cute) wintery boots???

  4. Good luck Lizzy! I think she would look super cute rockin' the jeans and leggings!

  5. Mer, you should check out leg warmers. You could pull them over her cute capri leggings :) I have a friend that lives by them for her own daughter! I think she found them on etsy.

    Just a thought!

  6. You tall skinny girls and all your problems. :) Want a couple inches of length from my jeans?

    Just kidding - Tommy's taking after B in height and metabolism (thank goodness) and he'll have the same issue - he's still in newborn waist sizes but pushing 6 month length. I feel your pain.

  7. Once she gets a little older, most kids retailers now do adjustable waist pants. They have this elastic that gets cinched in on the inside with buttons. It's awesome!

  8. My son had the same problem...long and skinny. We would roll the waistband of his pants to help them stay up. My cousin had this problem with her son and she would pinch the fabric inside the waistband and stitch it so it fit his waist.

  9. What's nice is that once you get to 12 mo, certain brands (Kohls, ON) have waist bands that you can cinch up with a button. I LOVE these because all kids are SO different- and it allows you to buy bigger, and therefore longer, and customize the waist!

  10. What about those baby legs things or tights. She could totally rock some tights and boots. My poor 10 year old niece already can't find pants long enough. I'm all, "Welcome to the club honey. Welcome to the club."


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