Wednesday, September 1, 2010

August 2010 Photo Hunt

Have y'all checked out Ashley's blog Ramblings and Photos? Her blog is *the place* to go to learn all about different photo challenges. I have some serious admiration for the girl and all the photo challenges she does. Two days ago, I read about the August 2010 Photo Hunt on her blog, you can read about it here, but it's basically a list of 20 things to take pictures of during the month of August (between the first and the thirty first). So, with two days remaining, and Lizzy actually down for a nap, I decided to have at it. I'm so glad that I did. Here's what I came up with:

1. Flag that represents you: 
I love this flag--it's the American flag, with Martin Luther King's "I Have A Dream" speech on the red lines, and the Declaration of Independence on the white lines.I love the idea of placing both statements about human rights together!

2. Something comfortable:

3. Something in season:

4. Feet (archive shot):

5. Repetition:
In my opinion, there is nothing more repetitive than laundry!

6. Culture or Ethnicity:
I love the foods from different cultures. Justin isn't a super adventurous eater, and doesn't like a lot of ethnic foods, so I try to have them occasionally for lunch, or when he isn't home for dinner.

7. Contrast
I have always loved the contrast between a black tux and a white wedding dress

8. An indulgence

9. Macro/ Close-up:

10. Masculine:
Be still my beating heart...I LOVE the smell of Old Spice.

11. Feminine:

12. Light:

13. Eco-Friendly:
Nalgene :)

14. Business:
The back of J's work truck yesterday.

15. Arrow:

16. Something wet:

17. Something dry:

18. Butterflies:

19. Heart-Shaped Clouds:

*** There is a special meaning behind the butterflies and heart-shaped clouds shots. Read about it here. I had to get creative, because I didn't see any butterflies OR heart-shaped clouds in the two days that I had to take these photos. They're my rough interpretations! 

20. Strength:


  1. Your heart-shaped clouds IS A WINNER !!!! Very clever !!! nice work ! I also like something wet, arrow and indulgence, yummy :)

    Greetings from Finland :)

  2. fantastic shots, I can't believe you pulled this together in 2 days! I really love the flag shot, and your arrow shot is so creative!! Awesome job!

  3. amazing job for having only two days! my favorites are the arrow and the flag!

  4. Wow -- you got all those in just 2 days -- great shots -- I love your take on heart shaped clouds and the baby feet with the rings is absolutely adorable.

  5. Your flag shot rocks! AND those feet are SO precious --- love the idea and your shot is beautiful. Nice work all around. :)

  6. I love to read about photo challenges and see all the creative things people come up with. Great job Mer! Always love your pics.

  7. HaHa, love your arrow! Way to get it done in 2 days! That's amazing - I had the whole month and missed one!

    Hope you play along again in October!

  8. Your indulgence made me very hungry and it just so happens to be my favorite shot, too. Oh and the feet OF COURSE!

  9. Your light shot is my favorite! I love it!

  10. I can't believe you did it in two days, well done!

    I love your indulgence shot ::drools:: and I can't believe it but you made a nalgene bottle look beautiful!

  11. totally agree with the other commenters...I can't believe you did all that in 2 days...awesomeness! Loved the arrow, indulgence, and your butterfly interpretation!

  12. You seriously amaze me!!! I had all month to do this & was stressing out this morning b/c I didn't purposely take photos for a few & had to look at my whole month of August to find "fits"!!!! I think my favourite has to be the flag, it's a great shot & a wonderful speech. I really love them all!

  13. Great photos! I love your flag photo, beautiful! Your shot for dry is cute and funny at the same time (great combo)! Fantastic shots!

  14. wonderful selection of photos, i really like your flag, feminine and contrast shots.

  15. Great job! I love them all. Your something dry is so adorable.

  16. 1. I heart you for the shout out - you're too sweet.

    2. I love that you completed the challenge in 2 days... that's incredible. I think my favorite is your light pretty. Have a great day or night rather!

  17. Holy shit, you're a good photographer.

  18. I loveee your heart shaped clouds and strength photos! Great interpretations!! Good job on all!

  19. I like your strength picture! very clever

  20. P.S. I wish you had a comment box under each picture---they are all pretty awesome Mere!

  21. Wow, you took all of these in TWO DAYS??? Fabulous!! I love the heart shaped cloud and strength, very creative! You had many wonderful shots! Glad you found out about the Photo Hunt Challenge and join us for many more!

  22. "Dry" is my favorite. It looks like my house too.

  23. I love all the shots! The flag is amazing, what a cool concept! The wedding picture is gorgeous, I love all the bright colors and flowery prints in the laundry pile, old spice is my absolute favorite smell on a guy and was one of the first things I noticed about my husband! :)


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