Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Homegrown Yum

Have you guys ever seen a photographic food diary? I am kind of fascinated by them, and have considered taking a photo of everything that I eat for one week. I've heard that embarking on a photographic food journal is usually very beneficial to one's diet {who wants to show the world that they've been eating a nasty fast food hamburger that day?}. I'm not sure that I'm ready to dive into that kind of commitment just yet, but I decided to snap a photo of dinner last night:

beer-beef on a hoagie roll with BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, home grown tomato and pepper
corn on the cobb (from our garden!!!)
freshly picked blackberries and strawberries (the strawberries are also from our garden)


  1. That looks amazing! Homegrown blackberries cannot be beat.

    I've never heard of a photographic food diary but I'm intrigued. I've been eating like crap lately and was just thinking last night that I need to stop. That would be great motivation...

  2. Yeah, the thought of taking a pic of a double cheeseburger makes me want to puke ... you're right, it would definitely be good motivation!

    Your dinner makes my mouth water! Yum!

  3. wow... a photo of everything that you eat - that could be tough.

  4. UM YUM. That is awesome! I love photographic food diaries. My friend Kier sometimes does it.

  5. Wow! That looks soo good and pretty healthy too. Interesting on the photo food diary, never heard of it.

  6. Yum! What's the recipe for the sandwich? Looks totally delicious.

  7. I agree with everyone else. Taking a picture of your food would be great motivation. Thanks for the idea!

  8. yea, i've always thought they seem like such a fab idea, but i don't know if i have the commitment level to photograph everything!

  9. YUM!

    I have a weird fascination with seeing what other people eat. I love to see meal plans and photographic food diary is even better! I hope you do more of these posts :)

    Also, I tagged you in a survey! http://stefibeth.blogspot.com/2010/09/ive-been-tagged.html


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